Is Lupe Samano From My 600-Lb Life Married And Does She Have Kids?

If you watch TLC, you've probably come across "My 600 lb Life," the show that chronicles a year in the life of patients hoping to receive weight-loss surgery. With the help of Houston doctor Dr. Nowzaradan, they must follow a plan in order to get approved for surgery. Even if patients do everything right and undergo weight-loss surgery, the complications that sometimes follow turn episodes into must-see TV.

It's hard to forget Lupe Samano, a woman who was bedridden for 10 years before receiving surgery. "I've lost motivation to do anything for myself. My body is starting to break down," she said. She revealed that when she was in a diabetic coma, there was so much fat around her neck that doctors had to perform a tracheotomy just so she could breathe. Although Lupe underwent bariatric surgery and lost 295 pounds (via The Cinemaholic), she struggled with hip pain. "The biggest setback for me has been my hip pain which keeps me in bed. He [Dr. Nowzaradan] wants me to try and move as much as I can so it doesn't get worse," she said.

While Lupe was able to lose weight, fans might be curious about her personal life. Keep reading for more details.

Lupe Samano appears to be a single woman

Lupe Samano was married to Gilbert Donovan during her episode of "My 600 lb Life," but they reportedly called it quits after her follow up episode, according to The Cinemaholic. It does not appear that she has any children.

Lupe later found love again with Andrew Renteria in 2017, per her Facebook page. Renteria supposedly dealt with kidney disease and was on dialysis, and passed away in 2019, according to The Cinemaholic. Lupe appeared devastated, writing on Facebook at the time, "I miss him so heart still aches..he was so good to me.." The loss of her significant other isn't the only thing Lupe is dealing with. She revealed she lost her mother and wrote, "Mommy I miss you so life without you is lost shattered and torn into many pieces...I never thought I'd feel this ache in my heart...until the day I lost you my life changed."

Despite her hardships, Lupe (who now goes by Lupita) doesn't let sadness slow down her weight loss. Lupe loves showing off her new figure and seems determined to live a healthier lifestyle. In November 2019, she wrote, "MZ.UNSTOPPABLE WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY "2015-2017" and DESPITE ALL THE CRAZYNESS AND BS IVE BEEN THROUGH THIS YEAR ,,, IM STILL STANDING STRONG!! THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH!!! IM MORE THEN A CONQUER THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH......"