Will Angelina Jolie Ever Forgive Brad Pitt?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have spent the last five years in the midst of a very messy custody battle over their six children. Jolie filed for divorce in 2016 after dating Pitt for more than a decade — though they were only married for a few years.

Pitt and Jolie fought bitterly over their kids for years. Jolie alleged that Pitt was dangerous, citing multiple incidents in which the Los Angeles County Child Protective Services and even the FBI were called to investigate allegations of possible child abuse. Officials found nothing troubling, and Pitt was never charged. Pitt fought back just as hard against Jolie, expressing concern that if Jolie was awarded the amount of custody she sought, she would take the children abroad extensively, limiting his time with them, per The Daily Mail.

They finally settled things in May 2021, when a judge ruled in favor of Pitt. On May 13, the judge issued a temporary ruling, which gave the former couple joint custody of the five children who remain minors. Pitt was reportedly "delighted" with the news, per Us Weekly. Jolie? Not so much.

Will Jolie ever forgive her ex for thwarting her attempts at retaining full custody of their children? It doesn't look promising. Here's what we know.

Brad Pitt apparently wants to move on

Brad Pitt might have been pleased with the judge's ruling in his custody battle with his ex, but Angelina Jolie did not share those sentiments. She was reportedly deeply disappointed in the judge's decision to rule in Pitt's favor and award him joint custody of their children.

"She will never forgive [Pitt]," a source told Us Weekly when the news broke. The source added that Jolie planned to continue her fight against Pitt in court, despite the temporary ruling: "She maintains it's far from over and still believes that justice will prevail." The insider went on to cite Jolie's displeasure with the judge. Jolie had previously attempted to have the judge removed from the case, accusing him of having a personal/professional relationship with Pitt, and therefore, being biased against her.

As for Pitt, he's reportedly handling the whole thing a bit better than his ex. A source told the outlet. "He wishes Angie no harm. His door is open if she wants to be civil."