Who Is John Mellencamp's New Girlfriend?

John Cougar Mellencamp is taking a shot at love again. Page Six reports that the "Hurts So Good" rocker and the lady in his life have been spotted strolling hand-in-hand along a beach in Malibu. What could be sweeter than new love?

Mellencamp was most recently linked to celebrity beauty guru Jamie Sherill and reportedly started dating her in 2020 after his daughter Teddi Mellencamp introduced them to each other, per Page Six. The couple apparently called it quits in January, according to the outlet. But it's Mellencamp's engagement to Meg Ryan that has sparked the most interest over the years. Meg Ryan and Mellencamp enjoyed an on-and-off-again romance that started in 2011 and came to a screeching halt in 2019. A source told People that Mellencamp "didn't want to get married again." The thrice-divorced musician could not see himself tying the knot once more. It seems as if it was a deal-breaker for them. The source went on to say, "He loves her, but marriage never seemed to be a part of it," before adding, "It's unclear how important a marriage was to Meg. But they spent a lot of time together and it's too bad they split. They really got along so well together."

That being said, Mellencamp has moved on. How exciting! So who is Mellencamp's new girlfriend? Keep reading to find out.

Natasha Barrett has been searching for her soul mate

John Mellencamp is reportedly dating realtor Natasha Barrett, per Page Six, and they've apparently been getting cozy for the past few months. According to her realty bio page, Barrett is a mother of two who was born in Santa Barbara, Calif. She wasn't always a realtor and revealed that she used to work in the magazine and film sectors. She even dabbled in her own fashion brand, called Curio + Kind, and was lucky enough to have her daughter, Margot Barett, as her "muse and model."

Barret seems to be a romantic at heart. In her bio, she wrote that she enjoyed "traveling the world in search of her soulmate." And it appears as if those weren't just empty words. But it gets even more moving. In 2019 she shared an arguably amazing long post on Instagram that painted her as a true romantic. "As many of you know, I am on an odyssey to find my astrological soulmate — aka tracking down every man I can find born in Paris on @02Novembre1968. With the blessings of my dying father and the support of my sister and girlfriends, I've spent the better part of this year scouring the internet ... with the hope of following the stars to find True Love." 

While Mellencamp was born in Indiana on October 7, 1951, it seems as if fate has given them a chance to be together!