How Much Does Donald Trump Jr. Really Charge To Record A Personal Message On Cameo?

The Trump family is known for exercising every opportunity to make bank. And while we haven't heard a ton from former president Donald Trump after his Twitter ban in January 2021, his son Donald Trump Jr. is out there to make an impression.

Trump Jr. is now on Cameo, a service for fans to buy personalized video messages from their favorite celebrities. Like numerous other stars on the platform, Trump Jr. has been charging money to record video messages for his fans, of which there are currently 412 in his Cameo "fan club." According to The Guardian, Cameo's profit model has worked well, especially during the pandemic year, where 150 stars managed to make at least $100,000. The platform saw 1.3 million cameo videos created in 2020.

Trump Jr. has joined the likes of stars such as Tiger King's Carol Baskin and Snoop Dogg and describes himself as a "Father, Patriot, Outdoorsman, Political Commentator and #1 NYT Bestselling author" on his page. Looks like Trump Jr. is up for some serious business. Other than having found a platform to express messages around Republican ideals, Trump Jr. is also helping his friend and Benghazi survivor Mark Geist raise money for his charity, the Shadow Warriors Project, to which Trump Jr. will donate a portion of his Cameo earnings. He's made his intentions clear, but how much does Trump Jr. actually charge fans for messages on Cameo? Let's find out!

This is how much Donald Trump Jr. charges for one Cameo message

While it's now relatively easy to connect with the former president's son and get him to say something, it's not a cheap option, as you might have thought. Donald Trump Jr. charges $500 for a personalized message on Cameo. A direct message to him, meanwhile, costs $19.99. His "fan club" on the app is growing steadily, and people are leaving reviews for him, which suggests that he's getting consistent requests to record video messages on the app.

So, what can Trump Jr. say on Cameo? Well, anything, as long as it aligns to the app's terms and conditions — it would make little sense if another Trump were banned on an online platform. But it can't be too hard for Trump Jr. to choose words, as people who make the purchase also get to write the script up to 250 characters. Cameo's share? The 2016-created celebrity video purchase service takes 25% of the fee. The top earners in Cameo's ranks include reality stars, actors, comedians, musicians, and influencers, per Broadband Choices.

For Trump Jr. though, hundred-dollar bills would only be loose change for him, so it makes sense he's giving some of his Cameo earnings to charity. According to The Sun, the oldest child of Donald Trump and Ivana has a net worth of $300 million, most of which is known to have come from his big paychecks at The Trump Organization.