How Jason Sudeikis Really Feels About Olivia Wilde And Harry Styles Today

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde were the couple du jour ... for a moment. From striking adorable red carpet "lewks" to unabashed sidewalk PDA, the two stole many fans' hearts in a seven-year relationship that included a five-year engagement and two children — Otis and Daisy — per Us Weekly

Divorcing Tao Ruspoli in 2011, Wilde got romantic with Sudeikis only months later. According to a Net-a-Porter interview with the actor, producer, and director in 2016, their two kids reportedly only strengthened their bond. "We are seriously connected," she told the outlet. "Before you have a child, marriage is the ultimate commitment and promise to one another, and then once you have a child, it's like, 'Oh, we're committed and promised already.'" Alas, the commitment didn't last, as Sudeikis and Wilde split in late 2020, both finding new partners fairly quickly. While People reported that Wilde was seen holding hands with pop heartthrob Harry Styles at an early January wedding, the Daily Mail reported Sudeikis exited model Keeley Hazell's London apartment in March.

A source told Us Weekly in February that Styles and Wilde, who met while working on her film "Don't Worry Darling," hit it off right away. "Harry and Olivia had chemistry almost instantaneously on set. It was only a matter of time before they got together." How does Sudeikis feel about his ex's new relationship? A new source just dished some insider insight ... 

A source says Jason Sudeikis is still 'angry'

Some celebrity couples have managed to stay close to their exes ... Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are not such an example, it would appear. According to Page Six, the "Ted Lasso" star isn't cool with ex-fiancé Olivia Wilde's new romance with Harry Styles. "Jason is still heartbroken," a source told Page Six about the situation. "They're going from strength to strength, and he's still massively upset and, to be honest, is still a little angry." 

Sudeikis' alleged "anger" traces back toward — as Page Six reported in January — his discovery that Wilde and Styles had been dating at least as far back as October 2020, a month before he and Wilde officially announced their breakup. A source back then told Page Six that Sudeikis confronted Olivia about the Styles revelation, which led to their official public separation. "People have tried to make out that Harry and Olivia have only been dating for the past few weeks, but that's not right," the insider told the outlet in January. "Olivia and Jason were having issues, like any other couple, but Jason loves Olivia... He's always been committed to making their family work."

Public sightings like this one (!!) on June 2, of Wilde and Styles taking a park stroll, probably didn't help, either. Well, time heals all wounds, right?