Fans Can't Stop Talking About Drake's $400,000 Mattress

On "God's Plan," Drake sings, "I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry." Apparently, the line wasn't meant to be a joke, if the Canadian star's bedroom furniture is anything to go by. In a 2020 interview with Architectural Digest, Drake gave a tour of his 50,000-square-foot mansion in Toronto. Nicknamed "The Embassy," Drake's massive home includes an NBA-like basketball court, Olympic-sized pool, world-class recording studio, and more. 

Out of the entire mansion, Drake's favorite place is his 3,200-square-foot bedroom, which also comes with a 1,100-square-foot terrace. "The bedroom is where I come to decompress from the world at the end of the night and where I open my eyes to seize the day," he told AD. "The bed lets you float, the shower lets you escape and gather your thoughts, and the closet makes you want to talk to yourself while you're getting dressed." 

And Drake's favorite piece of furniture in his bedroom seems to be the bed, specifically his mattress ... which costs more than a lot of people's homes. Read on for more.

Drake's luxury mattress is made of unusual materials

Per Architectural Digest, Drake's bed and base were designed by Ferris Rafauli for Hästens, a brand of luxury bedding. Called "Grand Vivious," the bed costs $395,000, and this particular version is made with (yes) horsehair and stingray skin. "The more horsehair allows for the bed to conform more, and allows for the bed to breathe more," Hästen's owner Linus Adolfsson told Complex in 2020. "If we look at the beds from $10,000 and up to $390,000, it's a very big difference in the amount of materials in the beds."

Although Drake's bedding purchase isn't especially new, XXL Magazine recently shared the mattress's absurd price on Twitter ... and people went beserk. "I guess now we understand why he only loves his bed and his momma," one person commented, referencing the aforementioned "God's Plan". Meanwhile, others are wondering why a bed would include materials like horsehair and stingray skins. "Who tf combined Horse Hair & Stingray Skin." "Right! Like who was in the ocean rubbing on a sting ray and said Hmmm you feel so good you could be a mattress?" someone else replied. "This seems like something @peta should look into, how many sting rays you gotta skin to make a mattress?"

Jokes aside, fans did pose some fair questions about the mattress's utter ridiculousness. Guess we'll just have to sleep on it!