What Really Happened With Meghan Markle And Ashley Cole?

Before meeting Prince Harry in 2016, Meghan Markle had her fair share of relationships. In 2011, for example, Meghan tied the knot with "Remember Me" producer Trevor Engelson after a 7-years-long relationship (per US Magazine). After just two years of marriage, however, the couple filed for divorce in 2013.

Then, one year after her divorce, Meghan was reportedly linked to professional golf player Rory McIlroy. As reported by US Magazine, McIlroy and Meghan were spotted on a romantic dinner date in the summer of 2014, and the two even completed the Ice Bucket Challenge together. For whatever reason, the relationship didn't last and, two years later, Meghan met Harry in London through a mutual friend.

However, it seems that Meghan may have had her mind set on finding an English boyfriend long before meeting Harry. In fact, Meghan almost dated former footballer Ashley Cole in 2013... but things didn't go as planned.

Ashley Cole turned down a date with Meghan

Speaking with Grazia on June 10, English radio personality Lizzie Cundy revealed that she tried to hook up Meghan Markle and Ashley Cole in 2013. Cundy, who's an old friend of Meghan's, said the "Suits" actor loved the idea of being in a relationship with an English man.

"Meghan said she loved London, and would love an English boyfriend, so I went through my phone to see who I knew that might be a good fit," Cundy told the publication. And so, while scrolling down her contacts, she thought that Meghan and Cole could be a good match... but the ex-footballer wasn't feeling the same way. "I tried to find her a boyfriend — Ashley Cole wasn't so keen — but I did try to fix her up, which is funny looking back."

Considering that Meghan would eventually meet Prince Harry just three years later — as well as marrying him in 2018 and welcoming two children together, Archie and Lilbeth — Cole's "pass" was definitely a blessing in disguise.