The Truth About Anissa And Jeffrey From Love After Lockup

WEtv's "Love After Lockup" is a highly addictive reality show about couples who met while one of them was in prison. Typically, the incarcerated half of the couple is about to get out of prison and most likely met their partner through social media, online, or sites like, per People.

The incarcerated person also hasn't committed any crimes that are considered particularly violent or heinous, and they have to show they've reformed and changed, according to Cheat Sheet. Plus, all the couples are engaged with plans to marry. And since this is reality television, that turns out to be more complicated than they originally thought — extremely more complicated.

On Season 3, fans will get to know six couples who are navigating their romance after one partner is released from prison. According to People, there are Daonte and Nicolle, Courtney and JoshRachel and Doug, Britney and Ray, Stan and Lisa, and, lastly, Anissa and Jeffrey. Let's get to know Anissa and Jeffrey a little more.

Jeffrey has bailed on Anissa twice

Jeff and Anissa are one of the couples who met on a pen pal website — 10 years ago, per People. Anissa is from Manchester, Tennessee and Jeffrey is from Oakdale, Louisiana. After writing letters to each other at first, they switched to phone calls. And now, Anissa is just waiting for him to be released. But will Jeffrey be reliable?

This isn't Anissa's first go-around with waiting for Jeff to be released from prison. The 51-year-old supposed truck driver has waited for 36-year-old Jeffrey twice before and he didn't show up, according to People, and her friends are doubtful he ever will. Some don't even believe he is real.

Anissa swears this is the last time she's going to try to have a happy ending with Jeffrey, according to People. Will he show up for her this time or will she be left standing at the altar?