The Untold Truth Of Bryan And Sarah Baeumler From Renovation Island

"Renovation Island" is returning to HGTV. The show follows Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, Canadians who uprooted their lives and their children to move to the Bahamas so they could renovate an abandoned resort on the island of South Andros. The show premiered in June 2020 and was an instant hit for the Home and Garden network.

In the debut season of "Renovation Island," viewers watched as the Baeumlers transformed an old, dilapidated hotel into a luxury resort, a process that was made more difficult due to the devastation from Hurricane Dorian, which hit the Bahamas in 2019. Bryan explained to the Toronto Sun how the resort was in the "right state of disrepair and at the right price." Before the renovations, the family had spent time getting to know their new home on the island. Sarah explained, "There's such a rhythm to this island and so much personality that ... more than anything I just started to feel more grounded."

While the Baeumlers were able to get their resort, which they named Caerula Mar after the cerulean blue sea, up and running, they hit a setback during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bryan later revealed to the Toronto Sun, "The hotel was full, there was energy in the air, then COVID hit." Sarah added, "The place may have been closed but the work does not stop." Of course, the work didn't stop, as we'll see in the upcoming season. But let's get to know the couple behind the resort renovation show.

Bryan and Sarah have renovated tough projects before

"Renovation Island's" Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have a lot of experience when it comes to redeveloping property and being on TV. The couple had previously starred on DIY's "House of Bryan," where viewers watched as the family tore down their bungalow to create their dream home. Bryan also starred on "Leave It to Bryan," where he helped homeowners renovate their houses, as well as "Disaster DIY," where he assisted others who messed up while doing their own home renovations.

Bryan is a licensed contractor and says he learned his skills from his father, who worked as an airplane engineer. At age 14, Bryan started his own handyman business. He later got his degree in political science before founding Baeumler Quality Construction.

As for Sarah, she works for the company as a project manager and has appeared as an interior designer on some of Bryan's shows. For this particular project, Sarah is in charge of designing the resort. She'll have 18 hotel rooms and 22 villas, as well as a restaurant, bar, spa, and clubhouse to design for Caerula Mar. Bryan explained, per The List, "This is the biggest change our family has faced and the largest project we've ever taken on." Yet it's clear the renovations are something they can handle and at the end of the day, they appreciate the opportunity. As Sarah told People, "most people work 51 weeks a year so they can spend one week in paradise. We're here every day!"

The Baeumlers sent their kids to a Bahamian school

Along with the resort renovation project, the Baeumlers have four children, Quintyn, Charlotte, Lincoln, and Josephine, whom they are now raising on a remote island. With that of course comes the task of providing them education, something at one point Bryan and Sarah did themselves for their three youngest children, according to House Beautiful. However, as shown on "Renovation Island," once construction picked up on the resort and the couple's schedules busier, they decided it was better to enroll Lincoln, Josephine, and Charlotte into a local Bahamian school.

As for their eldest, Quintyn, Sarah and Bryan wanted him to have a more normal teenage experience. That's why they decided to send him away from the island to a boarding school. While the family doesn't get to see the teen daily like they were used to, Sarah explained on the show that Quintyn is only a 20-minute plane ride away from South Andros, so they are still able to visit each other often.

When the kids aren't in school, it appears they are enjoying the nature that the island has to offer. Sarah has posted photos on her Instagram of Quintyn taking care of horses, Jojo on chicken coop duty, and Lincoln feeding ducks. It also seems that the children inspired the decision to open a resort. Bryan explained to People, "We really wanted to create a place where our family would want to spend time." And it appears that mission was accomplished.

The family made a big decision in a matter of minutes

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler didn't appear to mull over the decision to buy and renovate a resort for too long. While many would agonize over whether to uproot their family and move to another country or not, the Baeumlers apparently decided in only a matter of minutes. Sarah revealed to People how they first became familiar with the Bahamas. "We have a property in the Florida Keys where we keep our boat, and we have made quite a few trips over the Bahamas," she said. She explained why Andros in particular, adding, "Every trip Bryan is always scouring the charts for new places to explore. Andros (known as the Sleeping Giant) always caught our attention because it's by far the largest, yet least developed Island in the Bahamas."

Sarah also dished how the couple came across the resort. "During our trip we were shown the old 'Emerald Palms' hotel," she explained. "I think it took about 5 minutes of touring the hotel until we all looked at each other and said, 'Let's do this!'" Sarah also told the Toronto Sun, "Bryan looked at me and I could tell by the look in his eyes that this was something he wanted to do."

Outside of the actual building, the environment made it clear they were in the right place to start designing. "Mother Nature is doing all the talking," Sarah gushed. "The color of the ocean is absolutely exquisite ... There's no competing with those shades." 

Island life has been an adjustment for the Baeumlers

While the Baeumlers are clearly living in paradise, island life has "been an adjustment" for the family who originally lived in Canada. Sarah explained some of the challenges to People. "Stores are small and don't always carry the variety we're used to back home," she said, adding, "If we're out of milk, we can't always run to the store to get more, sometimes we need to wait a week until the next ship arrives, so we drink water or juice." But the mom of 4 did dish how these changes are actually good for the family: "It actually reduces stress because you start to realize that you don't need everything instantly available at your fingertips to survive and be happy."

The island does make their work a little more difficult, however, with logistics being an issue. Bryan described how they only have a few small planes and ships that bring their materials, "which means we need to plan weeks ahead for what items we need on-site." He added, "if we're missing something, it's either not coming for a few weeks, or we need to charter an airplane at a great expense to get it here."

Yet, they do appear to enjoy the overall lifestyle. Bryan told the Toronto Sun, "Things that will get you ramped up here in Canada — waiting five minutes for a coffee or waiting for someone to finish pumping gas — those aren't concerns at the forefront of people who live on a tiny island."

The show has taken a toll on Bryan and Sarah's marriage

Taking on the project of renovating an entire resort has appeared to take a toll on Bryan and Sarah Baeumler's marriage. The stressful project has created some tension between the two, and according to Heavy, their bickering was even shown on "Renovation Island." The couple also was seen discussing how difficult the project was on their relationship. 

Yet, Bryan and Sarah still seem solid. The mother of four even gushed about her husband on an Instagram post for his birthday. "To my outrageously funny, handsome, charming husband – I can't imagine spending a lifetime with anyone but you," she wrote. "Through all of these chapters of our lives, at the end of every day, it's you I want to hold."

The couple has been together for many chapters of their lives. According to TRNTO, Sarah and Bryan met all the way back in high school but didn't date until 10 years later. Sarah revealed, "In 2001, we were both copied on an email from a mutual friend, which was the catalyst for us to begin talking again." They later tied the knot in 2004, before eventually becoming the reality TV duo they are today. Yet the mother of 4 pointed out that they always put each other first, even over renovating the resort. She explained, "We love what we do, and we work hard so we can enjoy time with our family."