The Tragic Death Of Seinfeld Star Liz Sheridan

Liz Sheridan, longtime actor who was perhaps best known for her role as the main character's mother on "Seinfeld," died at 93 on April 15, TMZ reported. Sheridan leaves behind a daughter who she shared with her now-late husband, jazz trumpeter William Dale Wales, per IMDb. Sheridan and Wales were married from 1985 until his death in 2002. She never remarried.

TMZ did not report a cause of death, although the outlet noted she died in her sleep. The death came less than a week after she rang in her 92nd birthday on April 10.

In light of Sheridan's death, those who adored her performances over the years are looking back at what she brought to the screen. Let's do the same while also reflecting on what she had to say about her career and the advice that she offered about living a fulfilling life.

Liz Sheridan thought that you should 'follow your heart'

Along with famously enjoying a rocky romance with James Dean, Liz Sheridan was known for her work on shows like "Remington Steele," "Alf," and, of course, "Seinfeld." Appearing as Helen Seinfeld, the mother of the lead character played by Jerry Seinfeld, Sheridan admitted that the gig had both benefits and drawbacks.

In 1998, Sheridan was asked by Entertainment Weekly how the show had affected her career. She admitted, "Almost sideways. It's been difficult for Barney [Martin, who played Jerry's dad] and I to get other work because we're so associated with the Seinfelds." However, she also noted her popularity: "I have to put lipstick on every time I go out of the house. People yell at me going by in cars. I love that, and any actor who tells you they don't is lying."

Indeed, Sheridan seemed to adore what her career brought into her life, which is surely why, when offering advice during an interview with in 2016, she explained, "If you are looking to find the life that you really want, then you should do it. You should not sit on the porch and just rock and grow old. You should go out there and follow your heart, and I think that's terribly important."

Sheridan certainly seemed to know what she was talking about as she lived quite the life. Our condolences go out to Sheridan's family, friends, and fans.