NPR Sets The Record Straight On The Timing Of Meghan Markle's Interview

NPR has set the record straight on the timing of Meghan Markle's interview after a major story broke on June 19 about Prince Harry and Prince William's family feud. New details about the bullying allegations against Meghan were published in The Times, detailing an excerpt from Robert Lacey's "Battle of Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Tumult," which comes out June 24. In the book, Lacey claim Prince William decided to separate his household from the Sussexes after bullying complaints about Meghan got filed.

According to Lacey, "Prince William went ballistic when he heard the 'dossier of distress' that [former communications secretary Jason] Knauf had gathered." The author also revealed that The Duke of Cambridge believed Meghan had an "agenda" and was "undermining some precious principles of the monarchy." As if those bombshells weren't enough, the book also alleges William was supposedly concerned that Meghan "seemed to be stealing his beloved brother away." Yikes. Prince Harry was supposedly "equally furious" that his brother was more inclined to believe staff members than his own family. He defended his wife while William felt "betrayed." 

So what does Meghan's June 20 interview with NPR interview have to do with anything? Even though the actor talked to the outlet about her children's book, "The Bench," some think it's purposeful to distract from the sibling feud. Here's what NPR had to say about the gossip.

NPR comes to Meghan Markle's defense

After the story in The Times about Meghan Markle's bullying claims and the rumored explosion between Prince Harry and Prince William, a previously recorded NPR interview with the Duchess of Sussex about her children's book, "The Bench," added fuel to the raging royal family fire.

"NPR Weekend host Lourdes Navarro defended some of the criticism against Meghan regarding the NPR interview. @lourdesgnavarro tweeted, "TO BE CLEAR, since there is a lot of misinformation, #MeghanMarkle, the Duchess of Sussex, granted this interview BEFORE the birth of her daughter Lilibet. And the date of airing was based on the fact that we are a Sunday show. It's not based on whatever is happening in London." Navarro continued, "Plus, this is #FathersDay and #TheBench by Meghan #DuchessofSussex is a tribute to her husband #PrinceHarry and their son. So the timing is...about that."

Associate Producer of "NPR Weekend," Samantha Balaban, who interviewed Meghan for the segment, has not addressed the backlash as of this writing.