Celebs Who Fell Apart When They Were Dumped

Breaking up is hard to do. Some celebs handle it well; they accept that the relationship is over and move on. Others aren't quite so adept at navigating post-split life. In fact, they go off the rails—spectacularly so—with their behavior illuminated by the glare of paparazzi flashbulbs and well-documented by the tabloids. Which of your favorite celebs lost their damn minds upon being dumped? Oh, plenty of 'em.

Justin Bieber

Bieber lost it in slow, sustained fashion when he and first love Selena Gomez split. Sure, Jelena were the teen pop power couple of the millennial celeb set. They broke up and got back together like 100 times, posting photos on social media and confusing fans about whether or not their status was Facebook official. After they broke up, the Biebs started suiting up with (really bad) tattoos, getting arrested for drag racing, and acting out against the paps, like he did in 2013 in London, according to MTV. He displayed some serious anger issues and it proved that Gomez was a calming force in his life. Without her, he became a mess so hot that lava was jealous.

Rob Kardashian

When he split with pop singer Rita Ora in 2012, Kris Jenner's only son self-destructed on social media. He took to Twitter to tear Ora apart, accusing her of cheating on him with multiple dudes. He engaged in full on character assassination in the digital space, eventually deleting his nasty 140-character transmissions. Then, Kardashian pretty much deleted himself from the social media landscape. He retreated from public view. He gained weight. Big sis Kim said in her Rolling Stone cover story that he smokes pot, drinks beer, plays video games, and just hangs out with his bros. That sounds like normal dude behavior, but Rob is a Kardashian and they have standards. Also, Khloe told PEOPLE it's "infuriating" to watch him waste his life. All of this happened in the post-Rita Ora era, so one can't help but think that she was the catalyst for his downfall.

Kevin Federline

When he was married to queen of pop Britney Spears, the former backup dancer was the king of the world. Sort of. K-Fed produced two really cute sons with Brit Brit, co-starred with her in a reality show, and was the butt of many a late night TV talk show joke. That's how you know you've really made it. But Brit eventually grew tired of his ass and bailed on the union in 2006. K-Fed went from fit to fat. He got another woman pregnant multiple times. He continued to be the butt of jokes. He appeared on Celebrity Fit Club. He is now living a quiet, respectable life, but he hit his peak when he was Mr. Britney Spears.

Britney Spears

How's this for irony? While K-Fed lost his luster after the Brit split, the Holy Spearit also went down a seriously dark path. She shaved her head in 2007, had a meltdown on a curb in 2008, locked herself in the bathroom with one of her sons, and started fraternizing with some shady characters, as reported by ABC. She fell apart in embarrassing fashion and it was after she and her husband parted ways. One can't help but think that A lead to B.

Demi Moore

When Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore split, she maintained a pretty impressive game face...at first. But in January 2012, cops and medics intervened after she smoked something and had a crazy physical reaction to it. According to ABC, a 911-caller told the dispatcher that the actress was burning up and convulsing. Clearly, the Ghost actress ingested or inhaled something she shouldn't have, and that was never her reputation and her image. Rumors suggested that the raven-haired beauty had huffed nitrous oxide. Eventually, Moore's rep said she was seeking treatment for exhaustion and stress. Because of course she did.

Taylor Swift

T-Swizzle has an entire catalogue of music dedicated to her breakups. Her relationships with Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles lasted a combined total of four months and that's being generous with timelines. Yet she penned entire, beloved-by-fans albums about them, among others. When Swift loves, she loves hard. When the romance goes south, she gets inspired. Her music is a case of her making a tall, delicious glass of lemonade from life's most sour lemons. Still, it is a bit telling that breakups affect her this deeply. She falls apart emotionally.

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

While we never want to speak ill of the dead, the late TLC member resorted to extreme measures after learning that her boyfriend, Atlanta Falcons player Andre Rison, may have cheated on her. She torched his Atlanta mansion in 1994, burning it to the ground. That's a cold, hard fact—well, actually, it's a hot and fiery one. The singer-rapper was trying to teach him a lesson by burning his shoes in the bathtub, but the blaze got out of control, according to The Scandalist.