The Internet Thinks Below Deck's Captain Glenn Is Dating His Deckhand. Here's Why

"Below Deck" star Captain Glenn's latest post on Instagram (seen below) has fans questioning his relationship status. On June 25, he shared a photo to his feed posing with his deckhand Sydney Zaruba with the caption, "I guess the news is out." Fans immediately reacted, but not all were on the same page.

Some "Below Deck" fans were quick to believe that the post confirmed a romance between Sydney and Glenn. "This is so sweet," one fan wrote with sailboat and heart emojis. "Congratulations." Another commented, "Good job Glenn! You're my favorite Captain! You both deserve happiness." Meanwhile, some fans weren't quite sure if the coy post meant they were together. "I love how everyone is going to run with this..... nice one Glenn," one skeptical fan wrote, assuming it is a joke.

However, some "Below Deck" viewers thought the relationship makes perfect sense. "I knew it! The 'oh look who I met randomly driving!' And 'I am dating someone he's a captain' hahaha smooth! Lol congratulations you two have fun!" one clearly excited person said. On April 4, Captain Glenn shared that he "bumped into" Sydney while driving in the mountains of Palma, Spain. Sydney also revealed on the "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" reunion on June 22 that she has been in a relationship for five months, per Bravo

While the couple has not blatantly confirmed their relationship, Sydney did comment on Captain Glenn's photo. Keep scrolling to learn what she had to say.

Sydney is keeping tight-lipped about her supposed relationship

It seems like fans will have to keep speculating about Captain Glenn and Sydney Zaruba's relationship, because Syndey's comment on his head-turning post did not give much away. She simply left three orange heart emojis under the photo, which had fans begging for an answer.

Sydney shared the same photo of her with Glenn on June 23, but fans didn't seem to suspect anything following the heartfelt post. In the caption, she confessed her deep gratitude for Glenn taking her under his wing and for the chance she had to grow as a sailor. "I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to join superyachting. I stayed on P3 post season because of you & have continued my career in yachting because you believed in me," she wrote, later calling his yacht, Parsifal, a second home.

Although Sydney did not give much away on Captain Glenn's post, Glenn himself hushed rumors earlier in the week when he replied to a fan asking if he is dating Sydney. "No," he said. "But what a flattering idea, but I'm no cradle robber." However, another fan returned to that comment on June 25 to write that she is "thoroughly confused" after his "recent post." Its unclear if he was just keeping his relationship on the down-low or if he was being serious about not dating Sydney. Fans will have to wait and see if this love has set sail, or if it's just a close friendship.