What Cindy Vela From My 600-Lb Life Is Doing Today

When Cindy Vela first debuted on the hit TLC show, "My 600-Lb Life," in January, she made a very, shall we say, interesting impression on people, and not for all the right reasons. 

Many people who go to Dr. Now often go when they reach a critical point in their health journey. Oftentimes, their weight concerns are symptoms of a larger issue, including trauma and mental health diagnoses, to name a few examples. However, there are some patients (like the infamous Assanti brothers) who make a bad impression on viewers due to their controversial attitudes and behaviors, and arguably, Cindy Vela was one such patient. Not only did she miss her first appointment with Dr. Now, according to Soap Dirt, but she also didn't seem motivated to take his advice at all.

So what is Cindy Vela from "My 600-Lb Life" up to now? Keep on reading to find out.

Cindy Vela maintains a low profile

Cindy Vela doesn't reveal much on her Facebook page, but she does share plenty of positive posts. Her most recent post of this writing, shared March 14, encourages her followers to have a "lovely day." Although Cindy appears to be keeping the mood light, some of her followers haven't followed suit. 

On another positive post, a fan of the show commented how Cindy should "fight" for what she wanted. "Not much evidence of fighting at all, just avoidance of the issue and wanting to keep the status quo!" she wrote. And this supposed failure to "fight" on her part is something that Dr. Now often speaks out against when working with patients — on the show, if patients aren't accountable for their health and their lives, and follow the weight-loss program he lays out for them, they become ineligible to get gastric bypass surgery. Of course, it's impossible to tell how Cindy is doing health-wise from social media alone.

Despite some criticism, Cindy continues to posts positive memes on her Facebook page, and chances are some fans are still in her corner.