What You Don't Know About Owen Wilson's Older Brother Andrew

When we hear about the Wilson brothers, it's usually either Owen or Luke. But did you know the two actors have an older brother? It turns out not too many people are aware there is a third Wilson brother. Andrew Wilson is the oldest (and tallest) of the Wilson brothers, and has the same laid back air. Andrew is an actor himself, but just because his brothers are little more well-known doesn't make this handsome actor any less interesting

Here are a few must-know facts about the least famous Wilson brother.

He's directed his brothers in movie projects

In addition to minor film appearances, Andrew Wilson has worked behind the camera as a director. He made his directoral debut with the 2005 film The Wendell Baker Story, a film that starred youngest brother Luke in the titular role and Owen as a supporting character. You can see Luke and Andrew Wilson being interviewed about the project in the clip above.

Andrew would later co-direct the 2014 short film Satellite Beach with brother Luke, who also wrote and starred in the project. Although responses to The Wendell Baker Story were mixed — the film currently has a 40 percent on Rotten Tomatoes Satellite Beach was a hit with critics that won some prestigious awards.

He survived a shark attack

Most of us may associate Hawaii with grass skirts, coconut drinks, and palm trees, but poor Andrew Wilson will have a far more horrific image whenever he thinks of the vacation destination that of a menacing shark! According to the Daily Mail, Andrew was surfing with friends in December 2010 when a shark bit him on the foot. In true laid back Wilson brother fashion, Andrew casually shared this information with younger brother Owen while messaging back and forth. Said Owen, "I was sending a message to Andrew about some guy coming by to take a look at the TV. He sent back [a message saying], 'Sounds good, I was bitten by a shark so I won't be there.'"

If only we could all be so nonchalant about a sea predator's attempt to have us for lunch. In all seriousness, Andrew was reportedly not seriously injured in the encounter, and only required a few stitches.

He's made a career of cameos

The thing about Andrew Wilson is that if you've seen an Owen or Luke Wilson film, there's a pretty good chance you've seen Andrew. In the image above, you can see Owen Wilson as Hansel in the fashion comedy Zoolander. To his left is Andrew, who's credited as "Hansel's Corner Guy." Andrew had bit parts in other Wilson brother movies such as Rushmore, Bad Seed, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Idiocracy.

Andrew Wilson's career might feel like a string of bit parts, but it actually seems like an on screen "thumbs up" to his younger brothers' various projects.

There's a pellet in his hand that Owen put there when they were kids

There's a scene in the Royal Tenenbaums that makes use of a hand with a BB gun pellet lodged between the knuckles. The hand actually belongs to Andrew Wilson. Owen Wilson fired a BB gun at Andrew's hand when they were children and the pellet's been there ever since. Glad to see there are no hard feelings behind the painful incident!

He has a unique comeback for dealing with people who didn't know he existed

Sometimes people just don't know how to be tactful when dealing with the not famous sibling. In Andrew Wilson's case, he was interviewed by a reporter who went out of their way to inform the eldest Wilson brother than he previously had no idea he actually existed.

Andrew's response? "Perhaps you missed my turn as a gay cop in The Big Bounce?" We think it's safe to say most of us did. At least the incident showed that Andrew has a playful sense of humor and tends to take his lack of fame in relative stride.

He's viewed in the same vein as his brothers: wasted Hollywood potential

One thing Andrew Wilson shares in common with his brothers Luke and Owen is the sense that their careers could have, even should have, been more than what they ultimately were. In the Slate article about Owen and Luke (Andrew is mentioned in passing), writer Dana Stevens remarked, "The Wilsons got a sweet deal from the gods at birth: good looks, brains, and a sense of humor. But they've coasted far enough on those gifts. As they round the corner into the prime of their lives... I feel sort of like their fond but exasperated middle-school teacher. I'm waiting for them to push themselves... and I'm beginning to drum my fingers on the table."

At least with the critical success of the short film Satellite Beach, the Wilson brothers are slowly beginning to really expand their creative limits. Only time will tell if Andrew gets around to stepping up his game — and stepping out of the shadow of his younger siblings.