Oprah To Run For President?

Winfrey 2020?

Journalist, philanthropist, and iconic talk show host Oprah Winfrey recently opened up about stepping into politics on Bloomberg Television's The David Rubenstein Show.

"Have you ever thought that given the popularity you have, we haven't broken the glass ceiling yet for women, that you could actually run for president and actually be elected?" Rubenstein asked Winfrey.

"I never considered the question," Winfrey admits. Rubenstein chimes in, stating that it's now clear that, to run for the highest office, you don't need much—or any—political experience.

"I thought, oh gee, I don't have the experience, I don't know enough," Winfrey replied, before admitting, "And now I'm thinking, 'Oh? Oh!'"

In 1999, President Trump himself admitted that Winfrey would make a great running mate. "I think Oprah would be great. I'd love to have Oprah," he told ABC News. "I think we'd win easily, actually."

According to CBS News, Winfrey was not interested in the role at the time. Years later she tested the political waters by hitting the campaign trail for former president Barack Obama.