Jack Dylan Grazer Opens Up About His Sexuality

Jack Dylan Grazer has spoken candidly about his sexuality and his preferred pronouns during a very candid question and answer session on social media. Fans will recognize the teenage actor from his multiple big movie roles, including playing Eddie in the 2017 horror movie "It" and it's 2019 sequel. He also played Freddie alongside Zachary Levi in "Shazam!", and voiced Alberto in the Disney/Pixar movie, "Luca."

Grazer, who has a close friend in Mena Suvari, has also popped up multiple times on the small screen. He played Frazer in the HBO show "We Are Who We Are" and a young Riley in the CBS series "Me, Myself & I."

But it's his connection to "Luca" that has some fans so excited about his candid sexuality talk, as many have discussed the movie's connections to the LGBTQ+ community. Director Enrico Casarosa has suggested the storyline of the movie isn't necessarily about romantic relationships, telling Digital Spy, "I was really keen to talk about a friendship before girlfriends and boyfriends comes in to complicate things," though producer Andrea Warren added it's also about "openness and showing oneself" and "community acceptance."

So, what is Grazer saying about his sexuality? Read on for all the details.

Jack Dylan Grazer confirmed he's bisexual while chatting with fans

Jack Dylan Grazer got very candid with fans during an Instagram Live in July where he officially came out as bisexual. Fans shared snippets from the stream on Twitter, including one that showed Grazer responding after a fan asked, "Are you gay?" He replied, "I'm bi" and quoted Alberto, his character in "Luca," by shouting, "Silenzio Bruno!"

Per People, the actor also shared his pronouns with fans via Instagram, sharing that he prefers he/they pronouns.

While discussing "Luca" with Cinema Blend in January, Grazer addressed the potential LGBTQ+ themes some have pointed out in the movie and admitted he had big ideas for a potential sequel. He admitted he thought it could "be cool" if his character, Alberto, and Luca "got back together and fell in love."

The star has also gotten candid about representation before. In November 2020, Grazer opened up to Digital Spy about "We Are Who We Are" and the spotlight it shone on issues regarding gender and sexual identity. The actor said he thought it was "more important than ever to display these things" and make them more visible. "You have an incredible storyline, and then the themes of fluidity, of self-inquiry and identity-questioning," he said.

Grazer continued that he believed it was "so important because people are now getting in touch with their intuition and their primal instincts, rather than living with the walls of conformity that we've been conditioned as humans to live with."