Who Is Sarah Steagall From Big Brother?

Season 23 of "Big Brother" is well underway and this season features a new group of houseguests for the first time since 2006, according to Parade. It also saw the prize money get bumped up to $750,000 per the outlet. Big things! 

Julie Chen Moonves is hosting this season and sat down with CBS to talk about the show's impressive run — can you believe it's been on the air since 2000? "I remember when we launched Season 1 we had came on the heels of 'Survivor' and we were not as well-received ... far from it," she told the outlet. "I remember someone saying, oh do you think they'll cancel us mid-season? I was like that can happen? Yeah, it's something I never expected in my life. It's not something I went to school to become because it didn't exist back then but here we are. Slow and steady wins the race."

Although Moonves is in the fold, there are also quite a few new houseguests this season worth knowing — keep reading for more details on Sarah Steagall.

Sarah Steagall is forensic scientist grappling with deeper issues

Don't be fooled by "sweet" and "quirky" "Big Brother" Season 23 houseguest Sarah Steagall (via CBS) — she seems ready to sweep the competition! The Fort Myers, Fla. forensic scientist has a strategy to win it all. "I plan to float," she said. "I want to make everyone around me feel at ease and convince them I'm a non-threatening, loyal person. Once they realize I'm only playing for myself, hopefully it'll be too late to stop me." Although she is "looking forward to interacting with the cameras and venting in the Diary Room," it looks like she will have to deal with the rumored cold house as well as its ant problem.

Meanwhile, Sarah discussed her sexuality on the July 15 episode and said she was bisexual, something she sometimes felt "guilty" for, per Decider. "I know I'm still on a journey for myself because of how I was raised, and, you know, what society has told me." She added, "I'm still personally working through the prejudices that were put into my head. Even though I am a bisexual woman ... I still have to not only accept myself, but make sure I'm also accepting everybody else." 

Cosplay is a big hobby of hers, per her CBS bio. "I really like to cosplay, and because of that I've become quite the seamstress. I can also style wigs, make jewelry, and create prop armor/weapons," she said. This contestant definitely has layers.