Naked And Afraid Of Love Season 1 Release Date, Cast And Plot Explained

"Love Island," "Too Hot To Handle," and "Temptation Island" can all take a little break for a minute, because there is a new reality dating show from the makers of Discovery's "Naked and Afraid" that is likely to be the most bonkers thing you've ever watched. "Naked and Afraid" is when a bunch of reality producers dump a man and a woman in the wilderness with nothing but their birthday suits, some tools, and survival skills for 21 days. The spinoffs, such as "Naked & Afraid: XL," involve teams having to work together, but "Naked and Afraid of Love" is something entirely new. 

Basically, the producers took the same premise as the original and gave it a twist. They filmed 16 singles, naked, in the wilderness, and gave them the green light to explore relationships with each other. Given the exotic location and the novelty of people being naked, drama shall definitely ensue. "The Bachelor" could never, right? 

Here's everything we know about this bonkers-sounding dating show, including the cast, the premise, and when you can finally tune in. 

This is when Naked and Afraid of Love premieres

"Naked & Afraid of Love" comes from the same people who make all of the other "Naked and Afraid" spinoffs. But it looks like this one will be airing strictly on Discovery+, a streaming service with a ton of originals and a whole catalog of Discovery programming to watch. According to the press release, the show launches on August 22, 2021, though it's unclear if episodes will be released weekly or if the whole season will drop at once. 

If you can't wait until then to get in the mix, you can always follow the series on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by simply following the OG "Naked Afraid" accounts. 

And to make sure you're really in the mix, use the hashtag #NakedandAfraid on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to join in the conversation about whether or not survival, nudity, and dating are things that should all happen at the same time. Or if these cast members can handle it. 

The cast of Naked & Afraid of Love is really diverse

All of the participants on the original "Naked and Afraid" are actual survivalists, so they know somewhat what they are doing. Sadly, the press release for "Naked and Afraid of Love" and the clip the network released on social media don't mention whether or not it's the same here. Let's hope so, for their sake. 

Discovery didn't release a full cast list, but they did tease a little something about who the eight men and eight women — 16 contestants total — are. The release reads, "From a sexually fluid Army veteran who's known for his 'take charge' attitude and a Ph.D. student from Honolulu who's tired of her fixer-upper relationships, to a high school teacher looking for a ring on 'that' finger and a San Diego surf instructor who's ready to spear fish, fend off wildlife, and ride through this journey like the perfect wave, these stripped-down singles each bring their own unique backgrounds and relationship experiences to the table." 

This is going to be SO messy, especially once you hear about the plot. 

This is how Naked and Afraid of Love will work

As mentioned, there will be 16 singles on "Naked and Afraid of Love," all looking for love and to survive the wilderness. It was filmed on an island in the Philippines, and it takes all the hallmarks of the original series and ups the ante by making it a dating show. "While endless miles of white sandy beaches and clear turquoise water may seem like the perfect setting to fall in love, don't let this Garden of Eden fool you. With no food, water, or clothes readily available, these singles will be both physically and emotionally vulnerable and forced to depend on each other," the press release reads. 

Again, it's unclear whether there will be challenges or "coupling" ceremonies as in other dating reality shows or if the singles will just be wandering around the woods looking for a chance to get to know each other. Either way, things will likely get tense and steamy. "As the paradigm of how people traditionally fall in love is reversed, and awkward first meetings in their birthday suits ensue, the men and women journey through the stages of a courtship," the press release explains. 

Whatever the show turns out to be, it's bound to be good.