The Ridiculous Reason Kyle Richards Was In The Hospital

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards is no stranger to drama. Earlier this year, she publicly got into it with fellow Housewife Lisa Vanderpump after Lisa saw Kyle at a restaurant and sent her bill to Kyle's table without saying as much as a hello beforehand, per TMZ.

This weekend, Kyle found herself in yet another altercation — one so serious she ended up in the hospital with potentially life-threatening injuries. Did she get into a scuffle with fellow reality TV star Lisa? Not exactly. In fact, no other people were involved in this incident. "My family wasn't home and for whatever reason the people that work for me couldn't hear me screaming for help," Kyle wrote in an Instagram story now archived by Page Six. "My landline wouldn't dial 911 and my epi-pen was defective and wouldn't open," she added. 

Wait, epi-pen for what reason? And if no one was around, then who — or what — got Kyle messed up so badly? The truth is something you definitely didn't see coming — and as a matter of fact, neither did Kyle. Buzz on down to slide two (we had to) to see what went down. 

Kyle walked into a beehive

Kyle Richards revealed on Instagram on July 24 that she was rushed to the hospital after walking into a beehive. The reality star is "severely allergic to bee stings," per Page Six, and initially found herself without a lifeline. She chronicled the incident in a video of herself running from the bees posted to her Instagram story, per the outlet. "I can laugh at this video now but what you can't see is that they were in my hair and were literally chasing me," she wrote on her Instagram Story. She also shared a candid photo (seen above) to her Instagram Story from her hospital bed. Oy.

Kyle said she shared the embarrassing story as a wake-up call to people who need epi-pens. "... I sometimes don't bother to take my epi-pen with me. I also don't know why I couldn't get mine to work," she wrote in another Instagram story, per Page Six. "It's important to look on YouTube and watch the videos of how to use it. There are different types of epi-pens and they each work differently."

Fortunately, Kyle is recovering from the scare. She posted an Instagram story on July 26 seemingly back at home showing off her bright red cheeks. "The red face is not going away," she wrote. "Apparently I may be like this for a while thanks to the bees." All jokes aside, we're extremely glad she's okay.