The Truth About Donald Trump And Joel Osteen's Relationship

You know Donald Trump — former president of the United States, reality TV star, fake tan enthusiast — and you know Joel Osteen — televangelist, extreme wealth-haver — but do you know the truth about these two TV big wigs' relationship to each other? It's hard to know if anyone does know the truth about their feelings for one another, to be honest, but there are some facts we were able to dig up.

Osteen, one of many famous Christian pastors, is famous for his belief in the "prosperity gospel," which is the idea that prayer can make you uber-rich just like him. Trump has also touted his path to riches on TV, as the star of "The Apprentice," where would-be CEOs competed to become Trump's idea of the most successful businessperson. So, while "evangelical" might not be the first word you think of when you think of the former POTUS, the two powerhouses have more in common than first meets the eye. So, what do you think of each other?

Joel Osteen and Donald Trump have history

It seems clear that former President Donald Trump and televangelist Joel Osteen admire each other. When Trump was running for president in 2016, for example, Osteen praised Trump on Fox News Radio, calling him a "good man," a "friend of his ministry," and "an incredible communicator and brander," via Next TV. And Trump seems to be a pretty big fan of Osteen's as well.

Today, Osteen is pretty much the face of the "prosperity gospel," an idea that started with Trump family hero, Norman Vincent Peale, author of "The Power of Positive Thinking." According to Financial Times, Trump invited Osteen and his wife, Victoria, to a private meeting at Trump Tower after seeing one of the pastor's shows at Madison Square Garden. An unnamed source told the outlet Trump even offered Osteen his pick of Trump ties as a gift. But Trump may not admire Osteen for his Christian faith so much as his business savvy, according to an article in The Atlantic. The article noted that Trump referred to prosperity preachers like Osteen as "hustlers," and was impressed by Osteen's large television following.

It would seem that whatever they think of each other morally, with Osteen and Trump, game recognizes game.