This Is What Mike Franks From NCIS Is Doing Today

With "NCIS" going into its Season 19 this September, it's clear that the long-running military crime drama has had its fair share of characters come and go throughout the years. One memorable character, in particular, was Special Agent Mike Franks, played by actor Muse Watson. On the show, Franks was the rough but kindhearted mentor to the series' main character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon.

Watson joined "NCIS" during Season 3 in 2006 and continued to play Franks in different episodes through Season 8. During this time, the former Marine and Vietnam War veteran would not only help the crew solve multiple crimes, but also helped them through some of their own personal dilemmas, making him a fan favorite. It's clear the show's writers were just as taken with Watson's portrayal of Franks as fans were since he originally appeared on the series to help Gibbs regain his memory after suffering amnesia. Soon, fans learned Franks was also an intricate part of Gibbs getting revenge on the drug dealer who killed his family. While Franks was supposed to be retired in Mexico, he just kept coming back for more.

Sadly though, Franks was killed off during Season 8 by the show's "Port to Port Killer." Despite his tragic end, Franks continued to make appearances on "NCIS" until Season 15 through flashbacks or Gibbs' hallucinations. Yet, after 2017, Watson no longer appeared on "NCIS." So what has the actor been up to since his most notable role?

He's still acting and advocating

"NCIS" fans may know Muse Watson best from his role as Special Agent Mike Franks, but Watson has also appeared on several other popular TV shows throughout his almost three-decade-long career. According to IMDb, Watson's had roles in "CSI," "Prison Break," "iCarly" and "Castle" just to name a few. He also has appeared on the big screen, famously playing the hook-wielding killer fishermen in the 1997's horror film "I Know What You Did Last Summer," as well as its 1998 sequel. Iconic!

With that impressive resume, it's understandable that Watson continued to work as an actor after his role on "NCIS" ended in 2017. In 2018, he appeared in the short film "Piece," and in 2019 he was in the horror film "The Dead Ones." Still on deck for Watson is the faith-based comedy "Christian Movie" and the drama "Jubilee," as well as the TV mini-series "Diary of a Lunatic."

When Watson isn't acting, he's advocating for those with Autism as the honorary spokesperson for the organization, Stars For Autism. It's a cause personal to the actor since his daughter has Autism. Watson revealed at a 2012 event, "We've made it our life's work to give her all we can." The former "NCIS" star is also very active on Facebook and Twitter, and even frequently responds to fans. While Mike Franks may be gone, Watson appears to have more to give as an actor and advocate!