This Is The Song In Apple's New iPhone 12 Commercial

Apple's iPhone lineup has seen some intense marketing over the years. The Cupertino tech giant has effectively showcased the promising features of its new iPhones and other products through its engaging commercials. Even months after releasing a new iPhone, Apple releases new and exciting ads with great music highlighting a product with a fresh angle.

Apple's commercials have been a massive success among fans and are streamed widely. Some of the commercials have even won awards for their creativity. For example, Apple's AirPods "Bounce" ad won the Best of Show award at the 99th Art Directors Club (ADC) awards (per AdWeek). Most Apple commercials have pleased the viewers with exciting music, and the latest one is no exception.

There's another exciting commercial for Apple's iPhone 12 that the internet has been talking about. It has a catchy tune that fans can't seem to get enough of. And the fact that Apple has used that song has really put it into the limelight. So, here's more on the song used in Apple's exciting new iPhone 12 commercial.

The song in Apple's new iPhone 12 is sung by Naïka

Who brought the sauce? Catchy lyrics, right? The new iPhone 12 commercial shows a cook messing around in the kitchen. There's a lot of fumbling, and the phone falls around, surviving everything. The 38-second long commercial originally released on March 12, 2021, really gets groovy with the music. While the commercial's actor is quite entertaining, it's hard to not notice the catchy song in the background. Look, it's Apple again, giving creative boosts to artists.

The song in Apple's new iPhone 12 commercial is "Sauce" by Naïka. It has a catchy tune, a fantastic beat, and clever lyrics, making it evident that Naïka is a rare talent with a distinct singing voice. Much to the joy of Naïka's fans, it found plenty of love online. Some even showed their curiosity on YouTube. "Is nobody gonna talk about the song in the background? I came here just to re-listen to it. I love it," reads a YouTube comment.

"Sauce" by Naïka is a nice piece of music, but this is not the first time that Naïka has been picked by a famous brand. Her single "Water" appeared in EA's Fifa 21 game. Being a choice of such widespread, culture-defining mediums is a celebration for the artist. And she deserves every bit of it.

Who is Naïka?

Naïka's success story is familiar: being so good that people put a track or album on repeat. A Berklee College album, Naïka graduated in 2008, and her first taste of fame was being the runner-up for the John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship, per the BMI Foundation

Naïka is a Haitian and French artist born in Miami, per Position Music. She grew up influenced by African, European, and Caribbean cultures — something that's evident in her voice and music. Naïka released her debut single "Ride," and it was a hit, garnering over 5 million views on Spotify. It reached the second-highest spot on Spotify's Viral Global list (per IhouseU). And that was just the start for the talented artist.

Her subsequent releases, such as "Lost in Paradise," "Ma Chérie," "African Sun," and "Water," showed similar promise: a soothing voice seeping of secrets, something to dance to. Naïka's wide range allowed her to sing various songs — all the more soulful, captivating, and at times breathtaking, perhaps. Naïka's singing skills and passion for music are evident in her song, and "Sauce" is a prime example of that.