Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Release Date, Cast And Trailer

If you love all the drama of TLC's "Sister Wives," and the variety of TLC's "90 Day Fiance," we've got some good news for you. Another TLC show, "Seeking Sister Wife," is more or less a combination of the two. "SSW" follows various couples as they begin or continue the understandably complex journey of finding an additional wife to join their polygamous family. Don't be confused though, unlike "Sister Wives," "SSW" isn't about Mormons who embrace polygamy for religious reasons. Though one family on the show is Mormon, the majority of them are interested in polygamy for reasons ranging from non-Mormon religions to sheer interest in an alternative lifestyle, per Screen Rant.

As you can imagine, "Seeking Sister Wife" is controversial, to say the least. Polygamy isn't legal in the United States (though the reality stars find ways around that) and has only recently become slightly more mainstream in society. Like any good reality show, the controversial nature of the premise means that just about everyone has something to say about it. At best, it's exploitative, some say. At worst, it promotes breaking the law for the sake of entertainment.

It turns out it doesn't really matter what the nay-sayers think because "Seeking Sister Wife" is a hit and just wrapped Season 3. Read on for the info about when the new season arrives, who's starring in it, and what we know about the Season 4 trailer.

When does 'Seeking Sister Wife' Season 4 start?

Season 3 of the TLC hit reality series "Seeking Sister Wife" wrapped in June. Unfortunately, that means we're going to have to wait a minute for Season 4 to premiere. In fact, as of this writing, we can't 100% confirm whether or not there will be a Season 4, as TLC has yet to make an official announcement. Before you get too worried, though, there is no reason to think TLC will cancel the controversial show, because after all, all the best reality shows are divisive.

The only reason we can think of that TLC might not add another season is because series star Chrissy Peterson recently caused a stir by alleging that she was the victim of domestic abuse by Dimitri and Ashley Snowden (seen above), per TMZ. The question remains if TLC successfully can successfully navigate its way out of all the negative press surrounding the allegations and moves ahead with Season 4. And if so can we expect to see it on air?

Season 1 and Season 2 of "Seeking Sister Wife" aired in January, and Season 3 premiered in March (thanks so much, COVID), so, if everything goes according to plan, it's likely we'll get to tune in to a new season in early 2022.

Who is in the Season 4 cast?

With certain cast members causing drama behind the scenes, the question on everyone's mind is who will return for Season 4 of "Seeking Sister Wife?" If renewed, it's more than likely most of the cast will return. However, there are a few wildcards that might choose (or be asked) to pursue other opportunities. As we mentioned above, the ongoing legal battle between Chrissy Peterson and the Snowdens could complicate their return to the show.

Additionally, the Winder family (a fan-favorite among the controversial cast and seen above) posted a cryptic message to their Instagram in June. "We don't know what the future holds, but we're excited to see what will come next for us," the post read. "We'll continue to share occasional posts and updates on our social media, and may in the future decide to venture into other projects as well." Fans immediately assumed that this meant the Winders were ready to quit the show, especially because their relationship with Kimberly — the woman they had hoped would join their family — didn't work out.

After the comments were flooded with fans expressing their disappointment, the Winders edited the post to read, "We aren't going anywhere, we were just saying last night was our last episode of this season. We apologize for the misunderstanding!" That's good news, not only because it suggests that we'll get to see more of the Winders, but also because it might imply TLC is planning more.

What is Season 4 all about?

As Season 4 of "Seeking Sister Wife" has to be confirmed, there's no info on the trailer, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate as to what storylines will find their way into the new season. When Season 3 ended, the Winders parted ways with their potential sister-wife, opening up the possibility of their beginning a new search in Season 4. Additionally, the Clarks are back to being a family of two after a tense quarantine brought out problems between themselves and Kaleh, per Cinemaholic.

Finally, as we've already discussed, things majorly broke down between the Snowdens and Chrissy Peterson (seen above). Given that Chrissy and the Snowdens are now embroiled in a lawsuit, it's unlikely that they'll return to the show as a polygamous couple (especially because Ashley and Dimitri have reportedly broken up). However, if any of them do come back, the tension from last season will likely be a plot point in the new one. The chance of the Snowdens returning is debatable, though, given that Chrissy's allegations against them inspired fans to start a petition to have the Snowdens fired from the show.

TLC has yet to respond to the petition, but if the Snowdens do return in Season 4, they better bring their A-game because they're going to have to answer to the fans.

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