The True Meaning Behind 'I Didn't Change My Number' By Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish gave her fans fresh tunes to add to their playlists when she released her second album, "Happier Than Ever," on July 30. If you're into the singer's style of music, then you might find it difficult to choose a favorite song among the collection that includes "Halley's Comet," "Getting Older," and, of course, "Happier Than Ever."

You might also be more than a little intrigued by "I Didn't Change My Number," which was written by Eilish along with her brother and collaborator, Finneas, according to Genius. The song offers listeners a beat-heavy sound that will not only hook you on the vibe, but also enhances the singer's signature crooning with every note. Granted, you'll surely also notice that it features some growly sounds from Shark, Eilish's beloved pet pitbull.

While the name seems to give away what the tune is all about, it turns out that there's much more to these oh-so-telling lyrics. Read on to find out what (and who) Eilish is singing about in "I Didn't Change My Number."

Billie Eilish cut someone out of her life

Billie Eilish isn't interested in keeping people around who shouldn't be a part of her life. That's why she's totally willing to do what it takes to remove those people when necessary. That's what she lets fans — and a certain someone — know in "I Didn't Change My Number."

"I didn't change my number / I only changed who I believe in / You were easy on the eyes ... / But looks can be deceivin'," Eilish sings in the second verse, per Genius. She later adds, "You got a lot of f**kin' nerve / I don't deserve, so." So, indeed! It seems pretty obvious that Eilish is finished with a possible past relationship of one kind or another and therefore isn't answering the person's calls — making them think she changed her phone number. However, she's makes it clear that this is the case because the person that she's dealing with is someone she won't put up with anymore (even if they are good-looking).

Eilish herself opened up about the song, to Spotify (via Genius), saying, "It's all about, 'You can't get me anymore,' where it's like you know what? I don't have sympathy for you anymore y'know? ... You got me at first but I don't care now. ... And kinda just your last straw and being like, 'I am confident in this being my last straw.'" Part of what gave her that confidence may have been two particular people in her life.

Who is Billie Eilish singing about when she mentions Laura and Drew?

While this might make it seem like Billie Eilish knows exactly how to handle the kind of situation that inspired "I Didn't Change My Number" — to the point where she put lines from the song on merch — it turns out that she mentions two specific people in the tune who helped her out in this particular situation.

"Laura said I should be nicer / But not to you," Eilish sings in the first verse, according to Genius. In fact, the singer even revealed to Open House Party that the song was originally called "Laura." So, who's Laura? Well, Variety notes that Eilish's "team" includes her "day-to-day manager Laura Ramsay." She's part of the group that is responsible for "find[ing] an elusive balance between maintaining star-maker machinery and keeping [Eilish] healthy." As a manager, it would make sense that Ramsay told the young performer to "be nicer." 

Granted, "Laura" isn't the only name in the song. In the chorus, Eilish sings, "I should have left when Drew / Said you were bad news." Who is this Drew who also seems to be looking out for the singer? Rolling Stone notes that Drew is one of Eilish's best friends, so it seems safe to say that's who warned the star. Honestly, it's usually a good idea to listen to your bestie!