John Oliver's Catheter Cowboy Takes On Health Care Bill

John Oliver is desperate to reach President Trump.

More specifically, he needs someone to help Trump understand the GOP's American Health Care Act – the bill which aims to repeal and replace Obamacare. In the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver satirically unpacked the highly criticized, almost "universally hated" AHCA, which he later dubbed "the Ted Cruz of healthcare legislation."

As Oliver implored to his viewers, "The 'something terrific' that [Trump] promised" throughout his campaign and the beginnings of his presidency, "better coverage, lower costs, no one losing their health insurance – well, this bill is not it."

He continued, "the bill Trump is championing will actually increase costs for older, poorer Americans and will cause millions of people to lose coverage. Somebody needs to explain this to him."

Naturally, the comedian unveiled an over-the-top plan in how to do so, reasoning that "since [Trump] is clearly still watching Fox & Friends, we might actually be able to help here." Last month, as Nicki Swift previously reported, the show bought airtime on cable news channels in the Washington D.C. area to play a series of spoof ads directly targeted toward the president via the media he consumes – they highlighted what the nuclear triad is, among other things.

Sunday evening, the late night host revealed plans to do this again. Yes, tomorrow morning, Wednesday, March 15th, Last Week Tonight's own "Catheter Cowboy" will "ride again" to the D.C. area during Fox & Friends, returning in a commercial to specifically explain the prospective impact of this health care bill to the president, as Time confirmed.

As Oliver justified: "Who better to tell Trump what this bill will do than someone who stands to be hurt by it? Someone in his early 60s, in rural America, with an unspecified medical problem that requires constant treatment."

Will John Oliver's stunt work? One can surmise we might hear about it on POTUS' personal Twitter account sometime late Wednesday morning.