Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And What Happened To Rachel

"Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant" brings the drama every time. There's nothing like the crazies and angst of teenagers trying to navigate motherhood, relationships, and their identity. When the original "16 and Pregnant" aired in 2009, it fast became one of MTV's most popular shows, per The Wrap. A slew of spinoffs quickly followed including: "Teen Mom," "Teen Mom OG," and "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant." The latter show premiered in 2018 and quickly became an instant hit.

In 2014, the "Teen Mom" franchise enjoyed critical acclaim. The National Bureau of Economic Research released a study citing that "16 and Pregnant" helped reduce teen births in the United States, per NBC. "This is sex education for the 21st century. This is a show that very clearly exemplifies what life is going to be like in the aftermath of having a baby at such a young age," one professor praised. Today, the franchise is less popular, with The Sun reporting in April 2021 that the "Teen Mom" ratings had dropped to an all-time low.

However, "Young and Pregnant" is back. And if the trailer is anything to go by, it seems as if we're in for a red-hot third season.

When will Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Season 3 premiere?

At least one cast member is thrilled that "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant" is returning. According to Starcasm, at the end of Season 2, Kayla Sessler had a Q&A session with her Instagram followers in April. She was upset and criticized MTV for favoring the other "Teen Mom" shows more than "Young and Pregnant." "We were supposed to be airing May 4th after 'Teen Mom 2' but now I'm being told August," she wrote on Instagram. Well, it seems as if Kayla's dates were a little off, and it will return on September 7, per People

The joint trailer for "Teen Mom OG" and "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant" show that the former will air at 8 p.m, per People, followed by the younger generation an hour later. In the "Young and Pregnant" portion of the clip, the young moms need to dig deep to overcome the challenges of motherhood.

New and old faces return to Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

According to People, familiar fan-favorites will return to "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant," as well as two new faces who have joined the cast. The outlet reports that Kayla Sessler's boyfriend, Luke, is considering the possibility of adopting her son, Izaiah. How's that for stepping up to the plate? However, she will need to deal with a blast from the past when an ex-boyfriend resurrects himself and demands a paternity test. Stars Brianna Jaramillo and Kiaya Elliott also struggle with familial relationships in Season 3.

Newcomers Kayla J. and Madisen Beith are also new young mothers. As Madisen says in the promo, "I'm 17, I still need help." In the meantime, Kayla J. bashes her baby daddy Makel (via People), saying, "You lied to me the whole f****** time!"

As for Rachel Beaver, she's dealing with some issues of her own. We're spilling the piping hot tea about Hazelee Rae's mama.

The drama never stops with Teen Mom's Rachel Beaver

Rachel Beaver has been through the wringer during past seasons of "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant." The third season will prove no different with People reporting that her beau and baby daddy, Drew Barry, will be arrested for the umpteenth time. She grapples with harsh realities when he lands back in jail. In the past, per The Sun, he has faced charges of assault, possession of drugs, and theft. 

As if that isn't enough to deal with, there is also trouble on the home front. The Sun dishes that Rachel's older sister, Malorie, is also going through some baby drama. Her daughter's father and his wife want custody of the three-year-old tot, Emerson. Apparently, the child will not see her mother for days before Malorie "all a sudden will pop up and want to play mommy."

Emotions are high with everything going on in the Beaver house. It's little wonder that in the teaser, an upset Rachel yells, "That's what I want to do with my life!"