People Miranda Lambert Should Date To Get Under Blake's Skin

Blake Shelton stepped out with his fellow coach from The Voice, Gwen Stefani, before the ink on their respective divorce papers even dried. But a gorgeous, feisty gal like Miranda Lambert probably won't stay single for long, either. Here are a few gents she should shack up with to make his blood boil. But remember: not just anyone can ride in her little red wagon.

Gavin Rossdale

It would hit Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani right in their kissers if their longtime exes moved on immediately with each other. Bonus: they're both Scorpios! Hey, a husband-swapping situation worked for Shania Twain, right? Let's make this inevitable country song a reality.

John Mayer

If anyone can break John Mayer from his on-again-off-again Katy Perry habit, it just might be the guitar-wielding firecracker. Mayer has been leaning toward jam bands and country stylings for a while with his music, so maybe that's where he needs to be in his personal life, too.

Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean already demonstrated that he doesn't care too much for marriage, considering he was busted red-handed cheating on his first wife, Jessica Ussery, with current wife Brittany Kerr. We doubt he'd mind being the rebound romance for another hot (and famous) blonde.

Hunter Hayes

Ain't no shame in the cougar game! Lambert can teach Hunter Hayes—eight years her junior—some new tricks. (And since Hayes croons "I Want Crazy," she can give it to him with her "Mama's Broken Heart" side.)

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal didn't have the best luck in his relationship with country crossover Taylor Swift, but he did inspire some of her best work yet on Red. He's an avid music lover, appearing in videos for his pals in Vampire Weekend and even dating Jenny Lewis back in the day. Gyllenhaal is also close in age to Lambert (two years her senior). Please, let him be another amazing musical muse.

Mike Comrie

Lambert's pal Carrie Underwood found love with hockey star Mike Fisher. Mike Comrie is retired, so he'll have time to follow Lambert on tour—and he's single following his divorce from Hilary Duff. He also has his own money (and a lot of it), so she won't have to worry about him digging for her gold.

Justin Bieber

If anyone can whip this Canadian troublemaker into shape, it's the sassy Lambert. Do you really think this southern belle will tolerate egg-throwing, sizzurp-slurping, pant-sagging nonsense? Someone get Scooter Braun on the phone, because we just solved all of his problems.

Scott Disick

Lambert could bring Scott Disick and his soaring ego back down to earth. Sure, the relationship would probably be rife with drama, but he is on the market for another reality show now that the Kardashians are through with him.

Chris Brown

Lambert has made no secret of her disdain for Chris Brown. If anyone can get him to start respecting women and instill the fear of God in Breezy, it's her. Then again, we wouldn't wish him on anybody.

Adam Levine

A romance with Shelton's The Voice rival would really make him jealous...of Lambert.