Kaley Cuoco's Most Painful Relationship Confessions

As one of the highest paid actresses in the industry, it's hard to imagine the sexy star of The Big Bang Theory would have any trouble keeping a man at her side, but it seems Kaley Cuoco doesn't have the best luck when it comes to relationships. Over the years she has managed to keep a low profile, leaving fans in the dark in regards to most of her romantic relationships. However, every now and then she will open up about her personal life, letting us in on the ups and downs of some of her most painful breakups.

She was devastated to have to hide her relationship with her costar

Cuoco shocked fans when she revealed she secretly dated her Big Bang Theory costar Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard and her on-screen husband. The media had been speculating for years that the two might be an item off-screen, but both Galecki and Cuoco denied these rumors until the relationship was over. According to an interview the two did with CBS Watch, Galecki claimed the two maintained their secrecy so that their relationship wouldn\'t interfere with fan\'s views of Leonard and Penny\'s relationship on the show, but it seems keeping their relationship on the down-low ultimately contributed to its end.

In the same interview, Cuoco revealed the two never spoke about their relationship to others or even went anywhere together on a date or otherwise. Reported by E! News, the actress confessed that having to keep their relationship quiet turned it into something she wasn\'t happy with, saying, \"We were so protective of ourselves and the show and didn\'t want anything to ruin that. But that also made it sad, too. That\'s not the kind of relationship I want—I don\'t want to be hiding.\" Even though the two are no longer dating, they\'ve managed to not only maintain a working relationship but a truly close friendship as well.

She had to admit her engagement was off on the red carpet

Well, not exactly a red carpet. The carpet at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 21st Annual Hall of Fame Ceremony was more of a patterned puke color, but you get the picture. Cuoco was just 25 when she and Josh \'Lazie\' Resnik got engaged. He popped the question during a relaxing date night at home her rep told People, but the two kept most of the details of their relationship out of the tabloids, and they split before they had even set a wedding date.

Cuoco was at a ceremony to honor the co-creator of The Big Bang Theory, Chuck Lorre, when she was asked about her wedding plans by ET. Specifically she was asked if her recently married costar Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj, had any wedding planning tips for her and Resnik. Her response was honest, but likely painful to admit. \"I\'m not engaged anymore, so no.\" She broke the tension by adding, \"But in general, yes. For my future wedding, yes!\" Little is known about Cuoco\'s relationship with Resnik, but the two were publicly engaged for barely six months before they split.

Her divorce from Ryan Sweeting was rough

After a short courtship and just 21 months of wedded bliss, Cuoco split from her husband, professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting, and filed for divorce, according to People. While there were a ton of rumors over why the two split, including claims that Sweeting was battling a pill addiction and that Cuoco would get wasted and go out partying too often without her wedding ring on, the couple hasn\'t revealed any true reasons behind their split. Cuoco has however, been very open about how difficult going through the divorce was for her.

The actress spoke about her divorce a bit with Ellen DeGeneres, where she admitted that she had a tough year in regards to her personal life. The actress started by saying, \"You know, it\'s been rough, but things are going good. I\'m much, much better now. I\'m in a much better place than I was.\" She seemed a bit embarrassed when DeGeneres asked her how long her relationship lasted, hiding her face in her lap as she told viewers how short her marriage was, but Cuoco didn\'t respond to any rumors over why the two didn\'t last.

Her marriage was also physically unhealthy

When Cuoco was still wrapped up in wedded bliss, she appeared on the cover of Shape, doing an interview for the magazine as well where she revealed that being married brought about some unhealthy habits. Then-husband Sweeting had some poor eating habits, some which began to rub off on Cuoco. She explained in her interview, \"When we first got married, it was so much fun to eat like him. We got into this habit we called the bedtime snack. The drawers next to the bed were filled with candy. Eventually, I realized it was mindless eating. I was just doing it because he was doing it, and it was adding hundreds of calories I didn\'t even think about.\"

The actress goes on to admit that her house was full of sugary snacks and food that a child would typically eat, all which she ended up tossing out. After realizing that keeping up with her husband\'s eating habits wasn\'t benefiting her waistline, Cuoco did a full overhaul of the couple\'s pantry and refrigerator in order for her to get back in shape. Perhaps ridding their home of her husband\'s favorites sugary treats ultimately put a damper on their relationship and put an end to the honeymoon phase.

Her decision to get a tattoo demonstrating her love was a huge mistake

In her interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cuoco revealed that the tattoo she had of roman numerals on her back actually represented her wedding date to Sweeting, a decision she later came to regret. After warning the audience and Ellen not to get this kind of tattoo, she explains that her decision to get it was a mistake, an admission she had shared alongside several of her Instagram photos as well.

The first photo she posted showed Cuoco being tattooed, seemingly in a bit of pain, with a caption thanking the tattoo studio for correcting her mistakes. She then adds, \"... note to self- do not mark your body with any future wedding dates,\" with the hashtag #under30mistakes. Her second photo shows the finished cover up piece depicting a moth which she explains by captioning the photo with, \"The deep, meaningful, larger than life meaning behind this beautiful piece of ink, is..... It covered the last one.\"

While this relationship was both literally and emotionally painful for the actress, she doesn\'t have it as bad as her ex-husband who not only tattooed their wedding date in roman numerals on his body as well, but also inked himself with her name, a tattoo that practically takes up his entire forearm.

She knew her relationship with Sweeting wasn\'t right

It seems Cuoco knew long before her divorce went public that Sweeting wasn\'t right for her, something many predicted after it became known how quickly the two shacked up together. She revealed that the two went on a single date before he moved in with her on the Late Show With David Letterman (via E! News) saying, \"We texted a little bit, dinner was great, and then he moved in the next day.\" The actress was beaming while she spoke of their whirlwind romance, one which took both fans and the media by surprise. It wasn\'t long before the headlines began suspecting trouble in the marriage. As it turns out, the media was right.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20, and after the divorce papers were signed Cuoco was singing a different tune. Appearing on the The Talk, People reported that Cuoco had a feeling early in the relationship that she had made a mistake jumping into her marriage to Sweeting, knowing the two weren\'t meant for each other. She seems happier as she\'s looking back at her failed marriage saying, \"I wear my heart on my sleeve. I knew even deep down, I know this is just not the right thing. The right thing is coming for me, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.\"

She cried in yoga classes to cope with her divorce

Going through a breakup is never easy, and when divorce is involved it\'s just heartbreaking. Being a celebrity didn\'t make Cuoco immune to these emotions, and she was candid about how she coped with the split. \"I\'ve cried numerous times in yoga,\" Cuoco admitted in the December 2016 issue of Women\'s Health (via People). The actress also confessed to breaking down in spin class claiming, \"The best part is I\'m sweating so bad no one can tell.\"

As a well-known equestrian and horse lover, Cuoco also admitted to turning to her beloved horse for comfort. She told the magazine, \"For a month straight I would talk to my horse and just bawl. Finally I went out and the crying didn\'t come. I was like \'I think I actually got through this.\'\" Even though her horse (hopefully) couldn\'t give her any advice, sometimes just having someone to listen can turn things around.

She turned to online dating after her divorce

After her short-lived marriage and painfully public split from ex Sweeting, Cuoco understandably decided she no longer wanted to date celebrities, according to a source close to the actress. This source reported to OK! Magazine that Cuoco turned to online dating soon after her divorce as a way to get herself back out there. It might be hard to believe someone as beautiful and famous as the Big Bang star would have any trouble landing dates, but using the internet certainly makes sense if she truly didn\'t want to meet someone in the spotlight.

The source claimed, \"Kaley\'s been browsing dating sites using a friend\'s photo and has even met a couple of guys for drinks.\" While Cuoco never came out to admit this herself, her current boyfriend, fellow equestrian Karl Cook, might show the statement made by this source is at least partially true. No, the two didn\'t meet online. When she visited The Talk Cuoco revealed how the two met. \"We met at a horse show. I finally found my horse guy. It was very meant to be.\"

She thought her life would be more stable by now

We all have expectations, and even deadlines for ourselves to reach our goals. Many use their 30s as a marker for maturity, expecting to have that high-paying job, be married, own a house, and have kids by a certain age. There\'s nothing wrong with that, but as anyone who has reached their 30s can tell you, these expectations are often met with nothing but disappointment. Cuoco is no different from the rest of us, and she admitted to Cosmopolitan that she expected to be more settled down at this point in her life.

She expresses her disappointment by saying, \"I thought I\'d have a baby by now! You see your life going one way, and then it\'s the direct opposite way. I\'m waking up going, \'Oh my god, my life just flipped upside down.\'\" Her life may not be where she thought it would be, but most people would agree that she has certainly done a great job making a name for herself in the industry at such a young age. There\'s still plenty of time for marriage and babies!