What's Really Going On With Brad Pitt And Kate Hudson?

Although we're still recovering from the aftermath of the shocking Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce, it seems the press is prepared for the next Brad Pitt romance. First there was speculation that the 52-year-old actor was trying to rekindle his love affair with former wife Jennifer Aniston. Although he did reach out to Aniston, it was just on friendly terms as Aniston is now happily remarried. Not too long after that rumor failed to take off, we began to hear claims that Brad Pitt may have moved on to none other than Kate Hudson.

It's a surprising claim, however, it turns out the truth about the connection between Pitt and Hudson isn't quite what you'd expect.

Kate Hudson might have accidentally started the rumor

If you want to know who\'s responsible for the Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson love connection rumors, you might have to begin with Hudson herself! In September 2016, Us Weekly reported that Kate Hudson admitted she was on the lookout for a hot guy while visiting Howard Stern\'s SiriusXM radio show. \"Like, I just want, like, a hot guy right now,\" gushed Hudson. \"Not quite for life, you know.\" However, it wasn\'t Hudson who brought up Brad Pitt as much Pitt was brought up b Stern. When prodded by Stern, Hudson gushed, \"Yes! I think Brad is very, very handsome.\"

Although Kate Hudson simply admitted something that millions of women the world over have felt at one moment or another, it seems an admission of attraction was enough to lay the ground work for the dating rumor that would surface just a couple of months later.

Did a tabloid turn Kate Hudson\'s confession into an \"exclusive?\"

Although Kate Hudson\'s cute confession was made in the fall of 2016, Cinema Blend credits the tabloid Women\'s Day as the actual source of the Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson dating rumor. In a \"world exclusive,\" Women\'s Day declared that Kate Hudson, 37, was Brad Pitt\'s \"new flame.\" But here\'s where things get tricky — the rumor is ultimately credited to an unnamed source, someone who\'s supposedly \"been friends with Brad for years.\"

\"Kate is Brad\'s mystery woman,\" says the source. \"They\'ve become extremely close over the past few weeks, following several secret meet-ups.\" Unfortunately, making such a claim by way of an unconfirmed individual hardly lends any validity to such a rumor. In an effort to give the story legs, Woman\'s Day called upon celebrity bodyguard Kris Hezog, a man who\'s worked for both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the past. The fact that Herzog allegedly claimed Hudson and Pitt \"would be a match made in Hollywood heaven,\" is supposedly enough to verify the fact that they\'re dating.

Well, Hollywood insiders were quick to shoot down the rumor by way of Gossip Cop, who claims sources close to Pitt said that the rumor is \"not true.\" Although Gossip Cop was quick to blame the rumor on rival gossip source Hollywood Life, it was in fact Women\'s Day that apparently got it wrong.

Why the rumor made sense

Although there seems to be nothing to this rumor but speculation and convenient timing, we can understand why some might have been hoping there was some truth to this particular claim. Hudson was married to rocker Chris Robinson from 2000 to 2007, and the pair share custody of a 13-year-old son. Watching Pitt go through a divorce from a long-time romantic partner where children are involved might lead some to believe that Hudson would be a sympathetic support system for Pitt.

Additionally, it\'s possible that some thought that Kate Hudson would be a sure fit for Brad Pitt because of a \"free spirit\" vibe that\'s somewhat similar to that of Angelina Jolie. Still, whatever justification for wanting to see these two together, the rumor has been somewhat debunked, although not before someone close to Kate Hudson had a bit of fun with it.

Oliver Hudson had a little fun at his sister\'s expense

Just because the Brad Pitt-Kate Hudson dating rumor is likely a lie didn\'t stop Hudson\'s brother Oliver from having a little fun with the story. In January 2017, Oliver took a snapshot of a Star magazine cover claiming Kate and Brad were living together and confirmed the story to his Instagram followers in a hilariously tongue-in-cheek manner. Not only did he jokingly accuse Brad Pitt of being messy and drinking milk out of the carton, Oliver also jokingly accused the actor of making his kids refer to him as \"Uncle B,\" and of losing one of his children \"at Monica pier for 2 days.\"

The post, which was obviously meant as a joke, earned 42,000 likes and amassed thousands of comments. It also seemed to drive home the fact that the dating gossip surrounding Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt was nothing but gossip.

Kate Hudson is probably dating someone, it just isn\'t Brad Pitt

Although Kate Hudson\'s probably not dating Brad Pitt at the moment, it appears she is dating someone. Us Weekly shared steamy photos of the actress hugged up with a possible new beau. Declaring that Hudson has a type, Us Weekly dished that Hudson was spotted kissing musician Danny Fujikawa and that the pair \"appeared smitten with each other.\" The magazine also shared that the two had been previously spotted out together weeks earlier. With Hudson apparently cozy with Fujikawa, there doesn\'t seem to be much room for speculation that the actress is looking to settle down with Brad Pitt.

So where does that leave Pitt?

Brad Pitt is reportedly still single... for now

People reports that Brad Pitt, for all the speculation and tabloid matchmaking efforts, is still very much single. An insider shared that Pitt is \"in better spirits\" since his harrowing split from Angelina Jolie and that \"things are definitely calming down.\" E! News reports that Pitt and Jolie have started talking again, which may be a big part of the reason things are less stormy in Pitt\'s life at present. In addition to working to restore connections with his children, People sources claim Pitt is \"enjoying a low-key social life and reconnecting with pals.\"

Pitt\'s love life may be on the back burner, but his physical health isn\'t, as friends have noted he\'s lost weight and regularly exercises. It looks like by the time Pitt is ready to put himself back onto the market, he\'ll be as hunky as ever.