Times The Kardashians' Lives Were Threatened

It's not always easy being a member of the glamorous Kardashian-Jenner family. Although the family is best known for its reality TV show and social media empire, wealth and easy accessibility has it's problems — that includes situations where the lives and personal health of family members may be at risk.

Although the Kardashians have stuck together through all kinds of drama over the years, it hasn't always been easy. These harrowing situations are a solemn reminder that although this celebrity family lives a comparatively charmed life, at the end of the day, they're still human — and just as vulnerable to experiencing harm and tragedy as everyone else.

Kendall Jenner's chilling run-in with a stalker

Kendall Jenner had a close encounter of the creepy kind in the driveway of her home back in August 2016. According to TMZ, Kendall returned home late at night to find a strange man lurking in her driveway by the gate. "So, I came home one night and there was a guy sitting on the side of my street, and I was like, 'That's so weird.'" She initially didn't think much of it, assuming the man was homeless rather than dangerous. That idea quickly changed when Kendall drove through the gates and pulled up to her home.

"I watched the gate close. I turned my car off, getting my stuff together. I'm about to open my door and I look in my rear-view mirror and he was standing right there." It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but unfortunately for the young supermodel, this was real life. The stalker initially stood behind her car, waiting for her to get out. When it was clear that Kendall wasn't moving, the man walked around to the driver side window, asking her to get out because he wanted to talk to her. Kendall Jenner instead called 911 and stayed inside her vehicle, waiting for police to arrive. "I called one of my friends immediately," shared Kendall. "I'm sobbing crying. He was at my window, banging on my window, screaming at me."

Luckily friends did show up and restrained the stalker, who was apprehended when the police arrived. The stalker was later identified as Shavaughn McKenzie. As the Associated Press reports, Kendall testified against him in October 2016, relating her experiences on the stand. She shared that even though McKenzie was in police custody, she "was literally traumatized." and couldn't leave her car. She even stayed with family friends, who testified that Kendall was afraid to sleep alone.

You can hear more of Kendall Jenner's prospective on the incident in the above video.

Kris Jenner's stalker walks in and declares "I'm home!"

The Kardashian matriarch may not be as far in the spotlight as her daughters, but she's famous enough to have attracted at least a couple of weirdos. As reported by Page Six, police arrested a California woman named Christina Elizabeth Bankston in August 2016 for acts of "stalking and electronic harrassment." Apparently back in 2014, Bankston hacked into one of Jenner's accounts and began impersonating her ex Caitlyn Jenner, at which point she began sending Kris "illicit and threatening text messages."

This would be disturbing enough on its own, but around Christmas 2015, Kris Jenner experienced a scary face-to-face moment with another obsessive fan. According to E! News, the strange man walked right into Jenner's home while it was being decorated for the holidays. During a Harper's Bazaar interview, Kris Jenner said she was sitting in her office when the stalker barged in. "I was sitting here at my desk, doing the five million things I needed to do, and a guy walked into my office. Right there," she pointed to the spot and then said the man told her, "Lucy, I'm home."

He certainly was not home as security detail and later local police ushered the deranged man away. Jenner was certainly not happy about the fact that an intruder, and a potentially dangerous one, could walk right into her home and threaten her life. "Let's just say, three people were fired [that day]."

Lamar Odom's near fatal overdose

Lamar Odom took his separation from Khloe Kardashian pretty hard. In his own words, his "dark times with Khloe" put him in a vulnerable position, leading to his over indulgence in drugs. "I wasn't in a good place mentally — especially mentally before the incident happened. My wife at the time (and I were) going through some things, and I was in a dark place."

In October 2015, Odom hit rock bottom when he was found non-responsive at the famed Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Nevada. The near-fatal overdose put Odom in a coma. Reportedly shaken by the news, Khloe Kardashian rushed to Lamar Odom's side. She even halted divorce proceedings for the time being, determined to be a helping part of Odom's recovery. Odom completed rehab and seems to be in a much better place today than he was just a couple years ago.

Still, it was abundantly clear that Khloe and Lamar's marriage wasn't something they were capable of salvaging. Khloe filed for divorce in May 2016 and it was finalized in December of the same year.

Scott Disick hospitalized due to severe alcohol poisoning

Kourtney Kardashian's long-time boyfriend Scott Disick found himself hospitalized after a night of excessive drinking led to an immediate health crisis. TMZ writes that Disick "went to a nightclub in The Hamptons" in June 2014 and began "binge drinking." The gossip site even showed a photo of Scott Disick drinking beer, while a source claimed he "was drunk out of his mind." When Disick became so intoxicated he "could barely put a sentence together," he was taken to Southampton Hospital's emergency room.

After Scott Disick was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, People said the reality TV star felt that moment "was a wake-up call." As sources told People, "Scott has known that he needed help for a while, but he just wasn't ready to take that leap. He finally had to humble himself and say, 'Hey, I need help.' It was a big step for him, and it took a lot of faith on his part." Unfortunately, despite this near fatal incident, it seems that Disick may have stumbled back into his old ways.

Kendall Jenner's robbery, which could involve someone she knows

In early March 2017, Jenner's home was pillaged by robbers. TMZ reports that the unknown assailants made off with about $200,000 dollars worth of jewelry. Investigators examined the home for fingerprints and other evidence in hopes of identifying the thieves. In an interesting twist, authorities believe the robbery was an inside job, meaning there's a good chance Jenner might actually know the person or persons who victimized her.

What makes these events so scary is that neither of the sisters were home, but given what happened to big sister Kim Kardashian, it's easy to imagine just how bad things could have gotten if either of the Jenner sisters were home while something horrible happened. The family could have seen additional tragedy on top of the traumatic horrors they are already living with.

Rob Kardashian hospitalized just after Christmas

The year 2016 was a horrible time for the Kardashians, and it continued to be so right through the final days of the year. Both E! News and MTV reported that Rob Kardashian was hospitalized on December 28 due to complications associated with diabetes. Kardashian was diagnosed with the disease in 2015. Although this specific trip was "non-life-threatening," complications from diabetes can be very serious, if not deadly.

The health scare is worrying, if only because after an emotional break up with Blac Chyna and an upcoming custody battle, it's possible that Kardashian might not be as up to addressing his physical health as he should be. Studies have shown that stress can cause blood glucose levels to be high. Hopefully Rob's family is there to remind him to find healthy methods of coping with stress so that the condition isn't allowed to grow worse.

The good news is that People reports Rob has plenty of family support around him. "The entire Kardashian family is there for Rob as well and supports him wholeheartedly," a source told People. "They are prepared to protect him in whatever way they need to."

Kim Kardashian held at gun point during Paris robbery

The Kim Kardashian robbery will probably go down as one of the scariest moments for the entire Kardashian family. In October 2016, Kim was alone in her swank Paris apartment when she found herself under siege by a group of five men. An in-depth Vanity Fair report suggests the robbers might have evaded detection by pretending to be members of the many paparazzi who followed her back to the apartment.

The robbers forced the concierge to let them in, leaving Kim alone and completely vulnerable. In the end, the group made off with approximately $10 million in jewelry. Sources tell Us Weekly it's highly unlikely any of the valuables — including her engagement ring from husband Kanye West — will ever be recovered.

In a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim shared what was going through her mind during the horrifying incident.

Although 10 of the 17 people arrested in relation to the robbery have since been indicted, People reports Kim Kardashian is still struggling with what happened. She even suffered from flashbacks when husband Kanye West didn't return home right away. Hopefully Kim will continue to get the help and support she needs to put this terrifying incident behind her.

Kylie Jenner's repeat stalker

In 2015, a man was arrested for attempting to break into the then 17-year-old Kylie Jenner's home. TMZ describes the man as an "obsessed, aggressive fan" who allegedly believes he and Kylie "are soulmates." If that weren't chilling enough, sources told TMZ this particular stalker had attempted to get at Kylie on at least ten different occassions!

With someone so obsessed repeatedly attempting to break into her home, Kylie's emotional response during what seemed to be another, more recent attempted break-in at her home, is completely understandable — especially in the aftermath of Kim's Paris robbery.