Why We Never Hear About Gisele Bundchen's Twin

Gisele Bundchen may be a world famous supermodel (with a hard to pronounce name) but most people don't realize she's a twin! Patricia Bundchen is Gisele's fraternal twin sister. They seem to be pretty close, and together a lot, but we rarely hear about Patricia Bundchen. Why do we never hear about the other twin? We're breaking it down.

She also tried modeling

The Bundchen twins came from a big family with six girls that grew up in a small town in Brazil. Their mother kept the girls busy with various activities and one of those activities was a modeling class in 1993.

"We did ballet, gymnastics — I think my mom was trying to keep us busy," Gisele told Vanity Fair. "She had to work, so we went to a modeling course — me and my twin and one of our sisters, Gabby, who's like the second twin because we're one year apart. We were the three musketeers, and we did everything together."

Gisele was the only one of the three sisters that got the attention of modeling agencies and, ultimately, both Patricia and Gabby pursued other career paths.

She's Gisele's manager

After classes in ballet, gymnastics and modeling, Patricia decided she prefered to be behind the scenes. She now spends her time hanging out with — and working for — her successful model sibling. One of Patricia's jobs is managing Gisele's career, which includes supporting her sister's success. She speaks highly of her sister and says she credits Gisele's success to her positive attitude.

"Her willpower made her successful," she told Vanity Fair. "She has never let the critics put her down, and this has never changed. She has the most amazing body, but what has really made her successful is her personality, her way of doing things, her professionalism."

She's also her spokesperson

Patricia's other job title is Gisele's spokesperson. She's actually the one who delivered the news that Gisele would be retiring from the catwalk. In the statement about her sister's retirement, Patricia said, "Gisele will focus on special projects and also spending more time on her number one priority: her family."

She's shy

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Patricia opened up about the differences between her and her twin. While Gisele is the outgoing one, it sounds like Patricia is more shy and kept to herself.

"Unlike me, Gisele was very talkative, and she wasn't afraid to be away from home for some time even when she was little," she explained. "She was very brave, and she was always trying to protect her sisters — something like 'Don't mess with my sisters or you'll have to deal with me!'"

She was a popular kid

Growing up, Patricia was more popular than her older sister. She got the positive attention while Gisele struggled with bullying because of her height.

"Even before I got into the business, I was used to being bullied because I was always tall and skinny and stuck out," Gisele told the New York Times. She also told Charlie Rose in an interview, "I was 5'11" at 14. It wasn't fun... Like everybody made fun of me. Every time I go in the slow dance, like nobody wanted to dance with me. Seriously, I was this much taller than everyone in my class."

While Gisele was being bullied, Patricia was making friends since she didn't stand out as much. "She was like everybody — you know, she had the same height as everybody else," Gisele explained.

She's married

Patricia went from a Ms. to a Mrs. in 2010 when she wed Rodrigo Pereira. The Bundchen sister tied the knot near Porto Alegre, a coastal town in southern Brazil. The couple got married at the Laurentia Vineyard and her supermodel sister flew in for the wedding, where she held the important job of maid of honor. Gisele flew in with her husband, Tom Brady, and their (at the time) 3-month-old son, Benjamin. His aunt's wedding marked the first time Baby Benjamin visited Brazil.

She's not on social media — we think

A quick Instagram search for Patricia Bundchen will lead you to a couple of accounts, but neither appear to be the twin sister of Gisele. She also can't be found on Twitter or Facebook. Either she stays far away from social media, or she has her accounts on a tight lock-down, and only shares with family and friends. Instead, we have to rely on Gisele to post these awesome throwback photos of her and her twin.