Messed Up Things About Kim Richards No One Talks About

The fact that Kim Richards—former child star and current Real Housewives of Beverly Hills "star"—is a reality-show personality is evidence enough to show that she's kind of a messed-up human in the first place. But still, we wondered just how messed up she is, so we came up with this list of bonkers facts about her that deserve a little more attention. Read at your own risk.

She Tried To Score Xanax At A Smoke Shop

Desperate for either a fix or to curb some legitimate anxiety she must have been feeling at the time, Kim Richards went around to LA smoke shops hoping to score some Xanax in September 2015. According to TMZ, Richards insisted that a family member told her she could procure it at smoke shops, which isn't true. Reportedly, Richards visited the same smoke shop three times with this story. One of the workers even saw her go into another nearby smoke shop. To top it off, Richards claims she needed the Xanax, an anxiety medication, for a foot injury. Interesting.

Her Sobriety Coach Quit On Her

You know you're in trouble when your sobriety coach quits on you, which happened to Richards in May 2015. Sobriety coaches usually have the patience of saints in order to deal with recovering addicts' erratic behaviour. Also, sobriety coaches can usually do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So one quitting on a person is pretty unique—enter Kim Richards. According to TMZ, Richards, out on a pass from rehab, showed up visibly intoxicated at her daughter Brooke's wedding. Guests couldn't tell what Richards was on, but they knew she was on something. After the ceremony, she became belligerent and cursed at anyone she laid eyes on. These actions not only prompted her sobriety coach to quit on her, but her daughter stopped speaking to her as well. Richards later admitted she drank some margaritas to calm the stress of everyone looking at her. And to make things worse, she never returned to rehab after the incident. She took off to Cabo instead, because that's what she needs.

She Tried To Get Out Of Community Labor

In April 2015, Richards flipped out on the maitre'd of the Polo Lounge, eventually being charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, and battery on a peace officer. It's sadly not surprising that Richards later attempted to avoid the punishment that came from that incident. You'd think she'd consider herself fortunate that she didn't have to do any jail time, but no, that wasn't good enough for her. She felt that the sentence of "36 months probation, 30 days community labor and 52 Alcoholics Anonymous classes," according to People Magazine, was beneath her because of her foot injury, the one she needed Xanax for. Fortunately for fans of a just society, a judge rejected her bid for a lesser sentence of community service and sentenced her to the labor. Unlike Witch Mountain, this was something Richards just couldn't escape.

Her Pit Bull Keeps Biting People

While pit bulls have an unfair reputation for being one of the more vicious dog breeds, ultimately it's not a dog's breed that determines a dog's behavior—it's the owner. According to People Magazine, as of June 2015, Richards has been served with at least four lawsuits claiming her dog Kingsley, who looks infinitely sweeter than his owner, has bitten people. We're not saying that the dog bites aren't serious. Some of the victims have needed surgery and were left with scars, but we're pretty sure the dog isn't to blame. Numerous studies show that a dog's aggressiveness is determined by its owner's temperament and behavior. You may be thinking that's weird, since Kim Richards hasn't bitten anyone. Well, she hasn't bitten anyone yet, that we know of.

She Blamed Her Niece For Getting Attacked By Her Pit Bull

One of the aforementioned dog-bite victims was Richards' own niece, Alexia Umansky. According to TMZ, Richards claims the dog became very protective around that time, November 2014, because fewer and fewer people had been coming to visit the house. (Gee, wonder why.) When Alexia came to visit, the dog bit her, after Richards told her to leave the dog alone. So essentially, she defied Richards. Now Richards did do the right thing and drive her niece to the emergency room, but she also tried to downplay the extent of the injury. While Richards referred to the wound left by the bite as a "puncture mark on [Alexia's] thumb," it turns out that the bite went down to the bone and needed two surgeries. With all the kerfuffle going on regarding Kingsley, it seems pretty clear: someone needs to rescue that poor dog.

She's Related To The Hiltons

Richards isn't a Hilton by blood, but her half-sister Kathy married into the Hilton family. And that's just the kind of familial relation that could drive a person nuts. Watching her nieces Paris and Nicky find fame in the spotlight, while Kim herself has faded further and further away from her child-actress days (and has subsequently only been able to get attention via a basic-cable-network reality show) must have been maddening. Add to that the fact that she went from being part of the main cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and got relegated to only guest appearances, and you've got a recipe for one hot mess. And let's not rule out the possibility that some kind of contact craziness spread from the Hiltons to her. She has spent time with her niece Paris Hilton. She seems like she'd be the perfect enabler for Richards. Now that we think about it, it actually could explain a lot...