Is Amber Rachdi From My 600-Lb Life Married And Does She Have Kids?

It's not unusual for people who experience extreme weight loss, like those on TLC's hit series "My 600-lb Life," to see changes in their relationships, often ending in separation or "bariatric divorce," as Toronto Star called it. "Weight loss isn't just physical," marriage therapist Shyamala Kiru said. "So much of it is mental, the boost in self-esteem and confidence. When you feel different about yourself, you make different choices." That is certainly true of Amber Rachdi, the Season 3 cast member who shed over 400 pounds after the show and seems much more confident now.

During her 2015 episode, Amber lived with her parents and her boyfriend Rowdy while she started her weight loss journey, according to InTouch. While Rowdy felt he was supporting his girlfriend by driving her to the store and giving in to her cravings, fans of the show felt he was enabling her and ultimately preventing her weight loss. Apparently Rowdy "prefers bigger women," and didn't mind Amber gaining weight, as Amber explained on the show. When Amber found success in her weight loss, she and Rowdy broke up. Though she came to his defense on Twitter in 2016, explaining, "Who do y'all think is taking pictures of me at the gym? He IS a good, supportive friend."

Amber seems happy in her new life as an Instagram model and influencer while studying English. But readers wonder if she's found a new man. Well, we've got the deets, so keep reading.

Amber Rachdi is very secretive about her personal life

Though Amber Rachdi is active on social media, she remains very private about her personal life, only sharing certain information. She did tweet a 2016 photo of herself wearing a gorgeous heart-shaped diamond ring, with the caption "Who is getting hella married? I'm getting hella married." When asked if it was the same guy from the show, she said she and Rowdy "split up last year." So her husband is definitely not Rowdy. But who is he?

We don't know much, but social media gives a few clues. Amber occasionally refers to him in tweets, and they seem to get along wonderfully. We know, for example, that his name is Steve, as evidenced by a January 2020 tweet that reads, "My brain: I should tell my husband about this juice box's cute name pun, Appley Ever After. My idiot mouth: STEEEEEEVE! appley bappley." He also called jaws "food scissors," and he has a unique response to her sneezing: "Me: -sneezes- Normal people: Bless you! My husband: Live, Laugh, Love." It seems they do. In response to a tweet about how "fat girls don't find good husbands," Amber replied, "the trick there is finding an adorable beardy chubby husband I think. Makes cuddles awesome. It's like snuggling a very friendly bear." So that may be a clue to what Steve looks like.

As for children, she doesn't seem to have any yet, but another tweet gives a hint: "Children are so g*dd**n sticky. Absolutely gooey creatures. Disgusting. ...I want three."