Heather Rae Young Opens Up About Tarek El Moussa And Christina Hacck's Relationship After Their Huge Fight

It's safe to say there are of many celebrity exes who remain in each other's lives because they still work together on projects following their splits. After all, the show must go on, right? Some former couples who kept things amicable on set include Jacob Elordi and Joey King, who had to film not one, but two "The Kissing Booth" movies after calling it quits; Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, who continued to play lovers on "The Vampire Diaries" despite their real-life breakup; and of course, Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa, who remained "Flip or Flip" co-hosts after ending their marriage.

The pair was married from 2009 to 2018, publicly announcing their split in 2017, and decided to continue sharing the screen post-divorce. "It was up and down, up and down," Tarek told "Today" of their decision to remain co-workers in December 2018. "For us to just throw it all away just wasn't worth it. ... And at the same time, we love the crew, we love the show, we love our fans and we love the network."

Unfortunately, there has allegedly been some conflicts between Tarek and Christina. In July, TMZ reported the pair had a heated argument while filming an episode of the hit HGTV show. Apparently, Tarek called Christina a "washed-up loser" and yelled, "The world knows you're crazy!" Scroll ahead to find out where the exes stand today and what Tarek's soon-to-be wife, Heather Rae Young, had to say about the fight.

Heather said there's 'a lot going on' in their world

Heather Rae Young weighed in on Tarek El Moussa and Christina Hacck's fight while speaking to Us Weekly on September 9, revealing that "it's blown over" and "everyone's moving on." The "Selling Sunset" star explained, "People have to remember they're coworkers and they are exes. There's going to be little frustrations here and there." She went on to say that "there's a lot going on in all of our worlds, and there's only so much that the world sees."

Heather added that "things come up sometimes," but that she and her fiancé's main focus is his kids and maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship with Christina. "I want the kids happy the most," she explained. "We put everything aside and we focus on the kids. I stay out of their business, and ... we really focus on the kids' happiness and health at our house. We're not super involved with what happens over at [Christina's] house," she continued. While it's unclear if she was pointing to something she and Tarek don't agree with at his ex's house, it's good to know everyone is moving on from the fight that occurred on the "Flip or Flop" set.