Things You Didn't Know About Kid Rock's Fiancee Audrey Berry

There's not a lot that Kid Rock keeps quiet about. The loudmouth rocker is more than open about partying, sex, and his political beliefs, but when it comes to his long-time girlfriend, Audrey Berry (pictured, left), he stayed mum. They even recently got engaged, but never made a public announcement about it. So, it was surprising to see Berry alongside the "Cowboy" singer in the photo where they met President Trump at the White House along with Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and his wife, Shemane. Though Berry steered clear of the now infamous Hillary Clinton portrait photo, curiosity about her rapidly grew. Here are some thing you didn't know about Kid Rock's fiance.

Their engagement was on the down low

We already mentioned that there was no official announcement of their engagement, but it became obvious when Berry showed up on Kid Rock's "Chillin' the Most" cruise wearing a giant diamond ring on the magic finger. TMZ acquired photos of the ring, which according to The Detroit Free Press was originally spotted on a private Facebook community for fellow Kid Rock cruisers.

Berry and Rock reportedly met in 2010 at a restaurant and have been together ever since. Though she is well-known to diehard Kid Rock fans, Berry is not a celebrity in her own right, which is a factor in the relationship Kid Rock has taken steps to protect. He's rarely spoken about her for years, and even when he decided to make her wife number two (He was previously married to Pamela Anderson), it was no exception.

Kid Rock tried to keep her out of the spotlight

During a 2011 interview with Piers Morgan (Via SF Gate), Kid Rock opened up publicly about Berry for the first time. Sort of. He didn\'t mention her by name, but the timeline of their relationship adds up for us to reasonably speculate that he was talking about her when he answered Morgan\'s question about whether or not he has \"anyone special\" in his life. He said \"Yes,\" but would only elaborate by saying, \"You know what happens – you put these people out there, and you declare your love for them and the press gets interested and sometimes it destroys somebody else\'s life. What if that doesn\'t work out for that other person?\" He continued, \"This is somebody who is not a celebrity, it can really be a tough thing to deal with. I\'m thinking of somebody else (and) trying not to be so selfish. It\'s better in the end. Whatever it\'s gonna be it\'s gonna be. Things go one way or another (but) at least she\'s protected.\"

And that\'s all well and good, but he also started that part of the discussion by saying, \"Being married sucks,\" and that at this point in his life, he couldn\'t see himself getting married again. So, somewhere along the way that turned into a giant diamond ring and bringing her to the White House for a photo op.

She\'s into Kid Rock\'s redneck lifestyle

The first indicator we have that Audrey Berry is country to the core is a photo Ted Nugent posted on his blog that features himself, his wife, Kid Rock, and Berry all proudly holding their compound bows for a day of target shooting fun. Then, in a 2015 Rolling Stone interview held on Kid Rock\'s sprawling 500-acre Alabama getaway, the \"Only God Knows Why\" singer allowed a huge glimpse behind the curtain of his and Berry\'s relationship. Rock, who is a self-styled kind of Redneck Jesus, is introduced in the article as having been hunting all morning with Gabe, \"a portly local salesman who sold Rock a dog.\" Then Berry pulls up in a pickup, \"just back from Walmart,\" and they all drive four-wheelers over to a cage where Rock has trapped three feral hogs. Once there, they proceed to execute the hogs using Rock\'s small artillery that he\'s brought along. He uses a \"9-mil\" pistol to shoot one right between the eyes, then hands Berry a rifle. She says, \"Ah, they stink!\" then kills one herself. Her tagline? \"Poor thing! Sorry, buddy.\" Later, a bunch of locals come over for an all-nighter and Berry \"cranks Miranda Lambert\'s Platinum and serves a venison pasta dinner.\"

It was a scene right out of a Larry the Cable Guy movie that you couldn\'t write if you tried, but it serves to prove two things: 1.) This is probably not a woman who cares at all about being in the spotlight; and 2.) If you want to hang with Kid Rock, you had better be willing to walk the walk, and sometimes that walk includes shooting an animal point blank in the face.

She was there when Kid Rock\'s assistant died in an ATV crash

Kid Rock\'s assistant, Michael Sacha, died in an ATV accident on the singer\'s Nashville estate in May of 2016. According to The Detroit Free Press, Sacha was returning from driving guests who had attended a cookout on the property to their Uber ride at the end of the driveway when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a \"steep ravine.\"

It wasn\'t until the morning when Kid Rock and a then-unidentified female happened upon the accident on their way to the airport. Rock\'s 9-11 call was eventually released to the public, and he can be heard becoming frantic and frustrated when the operator continually asks him to repeat information. Eventually, Berry takes the phone and can be heard saying, \"We woke up, and he wasn\'t in the house and we came to look for him. It\'s not like him not to be up early. Oh my God, can you just please send somebody? He\'s off to the side of the driveway ... We have an ATV, we heard the engine running. It\'s in the trees and it\'s still running. We didn\'t touch anything. I can\'t look but he appears to be dead.\" It was later determined that Sacha had a blood alcohol level of .20 at the time of his death, meaning he was legally intoxicated while operating the vehicle.

Berry demonstrates a remarkable amount of calm in the situation considering the fact that, according to the aforementioned \"hog murder\" Rolling Stone article, written around a year before this incident, she was recovering from her own \"nighttime ATV crash\" in which she broke her leg.

Kid Rock\'s song, \"Johnny Cash,\" is about her

2015 must have been the year Kid Rock decided to loosen up on the top secret status of his relationship, because right around the time of the Rolling Stone interview he also spoke to Q Magazine (via Extreme Kid Rock) about his elusive lady friend. He said that Berry has had a \"calming influence\" on him, and that \"life is so much simpler being with one girl.\" He continued, \"Now I\'m not chasing chicks around I\'ve got so much more free time,\" which is probably something he should go ahead and leave out of his wedding vows.

Rock also admitted in the interview that the song \"Johnny Cash\" is a tribute to his redneck princess, who\'s \"outdoor obsessions outstrip even his own.\" With lyrics like, \"I like to watch you shoot your guns / And I like the way you love having fun, oh baby,\" it\'s easy to see the inspiration there. Berry also reportedly keeps the TV constantly tuned to the hunting channel, so we look forward to Rock\'s next ballad of devotion titled, \"Thank God I Never Have To Sit Through A Say Yes To The Dress Marathon.\"