The Rule Ariana Grande Already Broke On The Voice

Ariana Grande is taking matters into her own hands on Season 21 of "The Voice."

She stopped by "The Kelly Clarkson Show" on September 20 and dished on what it's like to share her wisdom with aspiring singers. ​​"Other than just getting to know you all and spend that time and laugh so hard, I just love seeing the talent that's on the show and getting to know these artists and work with them," the "Thank U Next" singer told her fellow coach. "It's just like a really special experience to be able to share some of what we've learned and been able to do in our lives with these artists who are wanting to do the same thing. It's a really special opportunity to be able to share that with people. To be in that position is really interesting, it's so cool to be there."

She also revealed that she's in communication with every contestant on her team, even though that's not in her contract. "I love them, I'm obsessed with my team. I talk to them all the time. I've broken every rule in my contract. I'm like DMing them and they're like, 'Hey you're not supposed to do that,' and I'm like, 'Sorry.'"

Grande is already making a name for herself on the competition show. Keep reading for more details.

Ariana Grande has a lot to learn on 'The Voice'

Season 21 of "The Voice" just premiered on September 20, but Ariana Grande wants to win it all. "I've been watching 'The Voice' for years and I wanted to be a coach. This is my first season and I'd like to think I'm here to win," she said (via USA Today).

In addition to winning, it seems like Grande has to get used to the physical aspects of the show, like quickly turning around in the iconic red chairs. "That whipping around will take some getting used to," she added. She also realized how "cutthroat" the show is after The Girl Named Tom trio chose Kelly Clarkson as their coach. "I need to fight harder. I'm being too nice," Grande said.

After longtime coach Blake Shelton gave her a few pointers, she found her stride and singer Katie Rae selected Grande. Shelton was pleased, but seemed a little worried about how quickly Grande was catching on. "See, being mean gets you somewhere," Shelton said to Grande. "She is taking over these Blind Auditions... she's incredibly sneaky," he continued. He also noted that he's "here to win," so it looks like viewers have a lot to look forward to this season!