What Alan And Kirlyam From 90 Day Fiance Do For A Living

Most "90 Day Fiance" couples have a similar relationship story. They meet online, one fiance comes to America on a K-1 'fiance' visa, and they decide to marry within the 90-day period the visa has before it expires. Alan and Kirlyam Cox, however, have a story that's a little bit different. Kirlyam is originally from Brazil and met her future husband when she was only 11-years-old, according to Screen Rant. Alan had come to her country on a mission as a Mormon when he was a teenager. Their romantic relationship wouldn't start for another decade, however, when they both attended a mutual friend's wedding.

Since then, the couple has thrived, even weathering a separation in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Screen Rant reports that while Kirlyam and their son Liam were stuck in Brazil when the country's borders closed, Alan was in San Diego for work, putting strain on the couple's marriage. Thankfully, they were able to withstand the strain and are now together again in the United States.

It's easy to see a reality TV couple and think that they make bank from their TV gig. And while some do benefit financially from their time on a reality series, it's not necessarily the money-maker fans tend to think it is. So, how does a young couple like Alan and Kirlyam support their lifestyle and provide for their young son? 

Alan Cox brings home the bacon

While Kirlyam Cox seems to be content being a stay-at-home mom, her husband, Alan Cox, spends his working hours being a photo-simulation specialist and project manager, according to his website. He is also the photographer and videographer for his production company, o9o7 Productions. Alan also noted that while filming "90 Day Fiance," he "provided video footage and photography for TLC." Clearly, he has some major skills behind the camera!

Salary.com reports that a photo-simulation specialist can expect to make a salary somewhere around $86,000-$105,000 based on education and experience, along with location. So, it's safe to say that Alan can afford for his wife of eight years to enjoy raising their two young sons, Liam and Enzo. 

On September 7, the "90 Day Fiance" couple celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary, and Kirlyam posted a sweet tribute to her favorite guy on her Instagram feed. 

Motherhood reigns supreme for Kirlyam Cox

Once Kirlyam Cox came to America on a K-1 visa to be with her then-fiance, Alan Cox, she wanted to pursue a career in modeling. But Alan, who is devout in his Mormon faith, wasn't keen on his wife taking on a modeling career, according to Screen Rant.

Now, though, Screen Rant reports that the mother of two seems to be more than content with motherhood and leaving her modeling aspirations behind. And while she's received some backlash for her pregnancy posts on Instagram, she's not letting the haters get her down. In a May Instagram caption, Kirlyam wrote, 'Some people are saying, "Oh gosh, she only posts about pregnancy' .... Well honey, I have some news for you, I'M PREGNANT!"

The Brazilian beauty also isn't afraid to stand up for her family, making it clear in a 2018 interview with In Touch Weekly that when she and Alan first met, there were no romantic feelings between them. "We didn't have anything when we first met, and for like six years after we met. So don't believe everything you read on the Internet."

It's easy to think that 90 days isn't a lot of time to figure out if someone you've invited to your country from a foreign land is your "one and only." But sometimes, life throws something beautiful into the mix, and voila, you end up with a couple like Alan and Kirlyam Cox. As the saying goes, to each their own.