Where Is 90 Day Fiance's Paola Mayfield From?

Drama is the name of the game for castmates of TLC's hit reality show, "90 Day Fiance." In its eighth season, the reality TV show was a smash hit for TLC's Sunday lineup and has spawned 21 spin-offs, according to Screen Rant. Season 1 of the OG reality show was a huge success, and with couples like Russ and Paola Mayfield, it doesn't take a genius to figure out why. 

Fans of the show ride high on all the drama and the Mayfields seemingly didn't need much editing or production help to make their drama look real. Screen Rant reported that most, if not all, the drama is instigated by Paola via her Instagram feed. Cryptic posts like, "People asked me why I don't take pictures with my husband, and my answer is ... I just don't like to pretend, marriage isn't a priority anymore."

And while fans seem to applaud Russ for staying mum on the issue, they aren't so quick to let him off the hook either.

Culture shifts cause rifts

As if relationships didn't come with enough drama, add in a huge change in culture and the shock of moving away from everything familiar and you're bound to encounter enough drama and tension to last a lifetime. That seems to be the case for Paola and Russ Mayfield. According to Screen Rant, when Russ headed to Colombia for his job as a field engineer in the oil industry, he and Paola fell in love. And when he was called back to Miami for work, she went with him. 

Leaving behind her family and life in Bucaramanga couldn't have been easy for the Colombian beauty, who has pursued her dream of becoming a fitness influencer. According to Soap Dirt, she didn't just say it though. She put her money and time where her mouth is and turned her passion into a career, passing both the personal trainer and nutrition coach exams to provide her clients with the best of both worlds. 

Even with work, love might not last

Relationships are difficult enough without adding the stress of a huge set of cultural differences to the mix, along with some reality TV cameras. Top that with being new parents and it's no wonder "90 Day Fiance" Season 1 alums Russ and Paola Mayfield are finding it difficult to hold their marriage together.

However, outlets like ET Online say that Paola's manager, Dominique Enchinton, emphasized that the couple was not divorcing. And while they are "taking a break," Russ showed up to support Paola in her wrestling career, to which she posted an Instagram update on September 1. Fans, of course, were quick to lament about her cryptic tweets, with one fan saying, "Hope everything is ok. Praying this isn't about your marriage." Similar views were held by others, but there were also those who hinted that she was right to "move on."

While there has been no confirmation by either Russ or Paola of an official separation, there also hasn't been any indication of a reconciliation. As the old adage goes, though, time will tell if these two can make it work.