90 Day Fiance: Inside Loren Brovarnik's Life With Tourette Syndrome

If you're a longtime fan of "90 Day Fiance," you'll remember the first time we were introduced to Alexei Brovarnik and Loren Brovarnik (née Goldstone). In 2015 they graced our screens to share the start of their love story with both new and old fans of the franchise. Of course, with all "90 Day Fiance" couples, the drama is played to the extreme, and Loren and Alexei were no different. However, they managed to make it through their initial struggles and have now been married for six years, according to In Touch Weekly.  

While the couples from "90 Day Fiance" all have a 90-day marrying period once the prospective fiance enters the U.S., it seems that they are different in just about every other way. Some wed quickly and manage to make it work, others split before ever tying the knot. Some clearly want to have children and others are past that stage of their lives. For Loren and Alexei, figuring out the best way to get through the day is sometimes the hardest part.

Loren's feelings about her Tourette syndrome have shifted

It's easy to think that people on TV have perfect lives, or that reality is always easy for them. For Loren Brovarnik, that assumption couldn't be further from the truth. Loren, you see, has Tourette syndrome and struggles daily with the symptoms of her diagnosis. According to People, one of those struggles was dealing with the fallout from Alexei telling his mother of her diagnosis, without her permission. Eventually, however, Loren has learned to accept her Tourette syndrome and become more confident because of it. "I remember just saying, 'I have Tourette Syndrome,' and I was like, oh shoot I can't take it back now,' and it's the best experience I've had, just letting it go."

While she now feels "confident in [her] own skin," according to what she told People, she's been dealing with this since childhood. "I was about 7 or 8 when I was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. I have the chronic kind, so as I get older, I'm more aware of it. I have a mild case, but if you're dealing with it, it doesn't feel mild," the new mother told In Touch Weekly. And dealing with an increase in involuntary tic symptoms isn't the only issue Tourette syndrome sufferers deal with. How else has it impacted Loren's life?

Did Loren's Tourette syndrome impact motherhood?

The Mayo Clinic reports that ADHD, OCD, Autism spectrum disorder, and depression can be among other behavior-related side effects of living with Tourette syndrome. Complicate that with postpartum recovery and "being a new mom," and as Loren Brovarnik told In Touch Weekly in February, "it's a recipe for disaster." She added, "I'm just overwhelmed. I'm a new parent, there's a global pandemic, I am adjusting to working from home. I feel like I'm spreading myself so thin, but I mean, that's just my life."

Imagine what it must have been like then, when Loren and Alexei found out they were expecting baby number 2 when their son Shai was only 7 months old. On August 16, Loren and Alexei became a family of four, when new baby Asher joined big brother Shai. And while Alexei is all for three babies under three, having already discussed it with their doctor. Loren is a little more hesitant to commit to another baby so soon. "I'd be lying if I said we weren't nervous," she told People when introducing her newest little boy. 

And after a 22-day stay in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), it's no wonder the new mother-of-two is ready to slow down and spend some real quality time snuggling her two sons all while adjusting to life with two growing boys under two. And as fans clamor for more pictures of Asher and Shai and comments from the famous "90 Day Fiance" couple, here's hoping they can get some down time and sleep, which will hopefully help Loren manage the symptoms of her Tourette syndrome.