What Pedro Jimeno From 90 Day Fiance Does For A Living

Even though Pedro Jimeno was on "90 Day Fiance" a few years ago, viewers still get a front-row seat to his relationship drama thanks to the spin-off show "The Family Chantel." Pedro and his wife, Chantel Jimeno, have had the spotlight on them for two seasons now, with Season 3 set to premiere on October 11, according to ScreenRant.

Like most "90 Day Fiance" couples, Pedro and Chantel have had a relationship that's been anything but easy. ScreenRant reports that on the original show, Chantel's family was suspicious of Pedro's motives in pursuing the relationship. While her family has since warmed up to him, he now has to deal with drama in his own family. In Season 2, both Pedro and his mother Lidia expressed their distaste for his sister Nicole's boyfriend Alejandro Padron, whom Pedro learned is married, according to Entertainment Weekly. In the Season 3 trailer, Pedro and Alejandro get into a physical fight in the streets of New York City.

It's clear that Pedro cares deeply about the women in his life. But what does Pedro do when he isn't busy sticking up for his loved ones?

Pedro works as a forklift operator in a warehouse ... for now

According to ScreenRant, Pedro and Chantel Jimeno first met when Pedro was working as a Spanish tutor. Now, Pedro works in a warehouse as a forklift operator, but he's ready for a change. Once Chantel finishes nursing school and begins working, Pedro intends to go back to school. 

Both Pedro and Chantel seem eager to start new chapters in their lives. "I want to start school. I don't want all my life work in the warehouse," he said on the show (via Soap Dirt). "It's like a big dream. American dream." Pedro also said he would like to buy a house, going as far as to tell Chantel they should "think and live big." That's the American way, after all.

Chantel, however, was not on the same page. "Tell your family that they have to think small because they're on a small island," she said, referring to the Dominican Republic, per Soap Dirt. "So stop asking for money, so we can live big."

Pedro keeps himself busy gaming and gymming

When Pedro Jimeno isn't operating a forklift at the warehouse, he keeps himself busy with plenty of hobbies. In his Instagram bio, he lists PC gaming and Muay Thai as two of his biggest interests. He also includes a link to his Twitch stream, which boasts more than 4,000 followers. In November 2020, he shared a photo of his "gaming and streaming corner," complete with three monitors and a keyboard with a rainbow backlight.

A scroll down Pedro's Instagram feed will also reveal a rather dramatic physical transformation over the last few years. Per ScreenRant, Pedro claimed on the show that he gained "almost 40 pounds" after three years in the United States. "I love American food. You know, eat this, eat that. I want to eat the entire piece of cake," he said. 

In a post from August (pictured above), Pedro seems to have replaced the fat with muscle, as he is now boasting a full six-pack and huge pecs and biceps. It remains to be seen whether fans will get to see more of his transformation on Season 3 of "The Family Chantel."