What Did Queen Elizabeth Just Do For The First Time At A Public Event?

If anyone knows how to make an entrance, it's certainly Queen Elizabeth II.

As reported by The U.S. Sun, Queen Elizabeth raised eyebrows when she and her daughter, Princess Anne, stepped out at Westminster Abbey for a service to observe the centenary of Royal British Legion on October 12. The monarch arrived at the service and stunned the crowd in a matching blue hat and coat, but it wasn't what she said or how she dressed that caught everyone's attention. Rather, it was what she carried with her. (And for all inquiring minds, sadly it was not a blue Hermes Birkin bag to round out the monochromatic moment, though we're sure if the queen really wanted one to complete the look, she could get her hands it somehow!)

Keep reading to learn everything we know about the latest accoutrement the queen was spotted sporting whilst fulfilling her royal duties and respectfully honoring the armed forces.

Queen Elizabeth was spotted using a walking stick

As the old saying goes, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

Per the Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth arrived to a service of thanksgiving to honor both past and present armed forces with her very own walking stick in tow — something that she hasn't used since 2003 and 2004 after having her knee operated on. As reported by CBS, the successful 2003 surgery was performed on her right knee in an effort to extract torn cartilage. Shortly after the operation, a spokesperson for the palace said the  monarch was expected to be "fully active again within a few weeks."

The commonwealth can breathe easy, however, as it's reported that the queen doesn't appear to be injured again or recovering from another operation, but instead is most likely just using the cane for added support and "comfort," as the cobbled entrance to Westminster Abbey where the service took place is notorious for being rough and bumpy. PHEW! All's well that ends well!