Fixer To Fabulous Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

While HGTV has an abundance of fixer-upper shows, "Fixer to Fabulous" has become a firm fan-favorite. Married duo Dave and Jenny Marrs renovate and restore houses with their signature style and practical experience. 

In a December 2019 interview with About You, Jenny dished about how she designs spaces for their clients. "I really love natural light when possible, natural elements like natural stone and wood," she said, talking about her own personal style. However, she clarified that when it comes to their clientele, she takes a different approach. "[W]hen we work with clients it's so important to make sure it's their style. I want it to be for them and reflect who they are," she said. The ability to interpret their clients' vision makes the Marrs couple stand out from the crowd.

Jenny and Dave prefer working locally in their hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas, and in the neighboring areas. The reality television show gives the audience a glimpse into the everyday routine of construction king Dave and personalized home design guru Jenny, while they raise their young family in Arkansas. "Fixer to Fabulous" has had two successful seasons, with fans pining for more. Luckily for fans, the third season is on its way with its tried-and-tested recipe of taking lackluster homes and transforming them into fresh living spaces.  Here's the tea about Season 3 of "Fixer to Fabulous," including its 2021 release date, cast members, and more information about where the series is headed.

Fixer to Fabulous' winter release date

"Fixer to Fabulous" is back! Season 3 of the home renovation reality television series will premiere on November 17, per Premiere Date. The Wednesday night slot lends itself well to a mid-week escapist break, especially with a tasty snack on hand. The show will air on HGTV and may follow the tried-and-tested format as the previous two seasons. 

But this time around, the cast and crew may have had to deal with certain COVID restrictions as they follow protocols to keep everyone safe. Nevertheless, if the third season follows a similar format to the previous season, viewers can expect 13 episodes. The hit show reportedly attracted more than 17.9 million viewers, per Meaww, and, of course, they're hoping to rack in comparable numbers for the upcoming season.

Recruitment for "Fixer to Fabulous" began at the end of winter. According to Downtown Bentonville, a site dedicated to Dave and Jenny Marrs' hometown, producers were looking for eligible houses in February. HGTV was seeking families with "older homes" who wanted to renovate their space. Some of the criteria to appear in the show included a renovation budget of more than $100,000, residing in or near Benton County, and being able to spare five to seven weeks of your time. To sweeten the deal, the ad promises that remodeling would run on a faster timeline than the usual construction schedule, and they would have access to the Marrs' renowned design skills. 

Who are the cast members of Fixer to Fabulous?

There is no "Fixer to Fabulous" without Dave and Jenny Marrs. The married couple works together to plan, construct, and realize their clients' visions for their dream homes. The cast members will include the duo, and most likely also include their five adorable children. The Marrs children, according to House Beautiful, include 2-year-old Luke, 7-year-old Charlotte, 9-year-old Sylvie, and twins Ben and Nathan, who are 11 years old.

Viewers are also anxious to know if Chase Looney, the guy with the eyepatch, will return during the third season of the show. Chase is a brilliant carpenter and sparked some conversation about his leather eyewear. He decided to clarify what happened with his eye in a blog post where he explained what went down on July 4, 2018. "I lost my eye in a tragic accident days after filming the pilot episode of the show," he revealed, going on to describe the fireworks accident that cost him his full vision.

How did Dave and Jenny start their fixer-upper business? They shared their story with About You, and Jenny revealed, "Dave started this building business when we moved here, and I started helping him along the way ... We were broke, and I had a real job. He was just starting, so I was the 'sugar mama.' After eight years, I left my job and joined him full-time in 2012." Now, they have their own show!

There's a new spinoff series, Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn

The ripple effect of COVID-19 has taken its toll on the cast and crew of HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous." Jenny Marrs shared on Instagram that the pandemic impacted the way they filmed the third season of the show. "Everything seems to be taking longer this year (windows, shower glass, lumber...) but we have pushed through the delays and the stumbling blocks and I'm just so proud of each of these projects," she said. Jenny continued, "We CANNOT wait to share these stories and homes with y'all." Even though they were faced with more difficulties filming "Fixer to Fabulous" Season 3, the couple completed their goal. 

There's more good news for fans of the show. According to a Discovery press release, the reality stars will also star in a 2022 spinoff called "Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn." Discovery+ will exclusively stream the four-episode series that will focus on the couple "transforming an 1880s historic home into a functioning vacation rental." With so much at stake, Jenny and Dave will ask their fellow home reno experts for their help. 

The president of HGTV revealed why she thinks audiences love the couple in the press release, too. "Their authenticity, love of family, service to others, and passion for home renovations are just a few ways that they connect with our audience," Jane Latman said in a statement. The head honcho confirmed what viewers already know: Jenny and Dave are the real deal.