Why Was Katey Sagal Taken To The Hospital?

Katey Sagal is television gold. The actor first rose to fame in the late 1980s when she starred as Peggy Bundy in the iconic "Married... with Children" series. She also showcased her acting chops in "8 Simple Rules," "Shameless," "Sons of Anarchy," and "The Conners," among other productions, per IMDb. It's clear Sagal loves her work, as she recently dropped a photo on Instagram of her "The Conners" character, Louise Goldufski, and John Goodman's character, Dan Conner, in their wedding clothes in an upcoming episode. 

When Sagal spoke to Entertainment Tonight in July, she was excited about an upcoming horror project called "Tattered Hearts," and said it was her first time jumping into the genre. She also mused about her longevity as an actor in Hollywood and the roles that she has been cast in throughout her career. "You just never know where they come from. But a lot of times I'm just grateful to get the job," she said. At the same time, Sagal remained humble, noting, "As long as they keep wanting to see me in different roles, [I'll] do that. You have to stay interesting." The veteran star appears to know what she needs to do to keep the gigs rolling in. 

Sagal's attitude might have helped her in Hollywood, and hopefully, it will help her recover in the face of a new challenge. Here's what went down with the actor in Los Angeles on October 14.

Katey was hospitalized, but not seriously injured

Katey Sagal was hit by a car, per TMZ, when the vehicle's driver was making a left turn and accidentally knocked her. The driver immediately stopped their Tesla to help the successful actor, who was then treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a nearby hospital. While the incident is still being investigated, the driver was not arrested and was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Sagal's husband, Kurt Sutter, took to Instagram on October 15 to confirm the news of his wife's hospitalization. He lightheartedly teased, "She's the only one bringing in money right now... so I'll be picking her up from the hospital later, taking her to that Dancing With the Stars audition." He appeared to be relaxed about his wife's condition and noted that she would soon be home. 

Sagal spoke to The Seattle Times about working with her husband, who is the series creator and showrunner of "Sons of Anarchy," in 2017. "I would always work with him. He's a really great writer," she gushed. However, their working relationship did not come naturally. She dished, "We definitely had our growing pains when we first started it, because the tendency was to bring it all home. We found a really good boundary in that he was the writer and I was the actor." It's time to come home now, Katey. Apparently, you need to bring home the bacon and those dancing shoes!