Selena Gomez Completely Surprised Everyone With Her New Look

Throughout Selena Gomez's super successful career, her relevancy has never wavered — despite not reinventing her image as many times as her former Disney Channel peers Miley Cyrus and one-time best friend Demi Lovato. That being said, the "Only Murders in the Building" star has switched up her look from time to time — including in her most recent TikTok video.

When it comes to Gomez's past styles, while many know the "Hands To Myself" hitmaker for having dark hair, she has made public appearances as a blond, too. The first time fans were able to see Gomez blond was when she attended the American Music Awards in 2017. As noted by Glamour, the color wasn't a permanent change as she was spotted with dark hair once again hours later. However, Gomez opted for the lighter hue this year and told Vogue in September why she decided to make the change. "Recently, I went blond and I had the best time," Gomez — who had since returned to her dark hair — explained. "I think I'm definitely more of a character when I'm blond. I felt like I could do crazy things with my hair or try new looks with my makeup. It was just so much fun," she continued. "I think that for a little bit it was hard to keep up with but ... I felt so cool and edgy."

During a recent TikTok upload, it looks like Gomez has changed her hair once again. Keep scrolling to see the killer look.

Fans can't get enough of Selena Gomez with short hair

In promotion for the "Only Murders in the Building" season finale, Selena Gomez took to TikTok on October 19 to inform her 36.4 million followers that she was going to host a livestream and answer their questions. The video clip saw Gomez looking stunning as always — but with a surprise. Instead of rocking the blond look — or the longer locks she is known for — she debuted her new dark, sleek, blunt bob. As seen above, Gomez parted her new bob in the middle, the ends of her hair fanning inwards and landing just above her shoulders.

Unsurprisingly, Gomez's loyal fans took to social media to express how they felt about the new look. "Selena Gomez with short hair is the cutest thing," one user tweeted. "Selena Gomez's short hair I love it she looks so pretty and lovely," another person shared. "@selenagomez With short hair it is superior !! I love it," a third fan wrote, adding a heart emoji. Still, as Gomez fans know, this isn't the first time the singer-actor wore her hair in a short, dark bob with a middle part. In fact, Gomez hit the red carpet at the 2019 American Music Awards with a nearly identical hairstyle.

Gomez has since shared another TikTok video that detailed her locks from the side. As of this writing, it is unknown whether the eye-catching new style is a wig or not. Either way, the "Same Old Love" hitmaker looks amazing.