Everything We Know About Jesse Spencer Leaving Chicago Fire

Jesse Spencer has been a staple on "Chicago Fire" ever since the show first started airing back in 2012. Playing Matthew Casey, Spencer appeared on a whopping 10 seasons of the NBC drama set in the Chicago P.D. world, but it was revealed Firehouse 51 would be losing a beloved member of the team as the show celebrated its 200th episode, titled "Two Hundred," which aired on October 20.

Fans learned about Casey's fate as the character announced to his co-workers that he'd be moving to Oregon to take care of the teenage sons of Andy Darden. The big move was no doubt bittersweet but has some touching sentiments behind it, as longtime fans of the show will already know that Darden was Casey's best friend who died in the pilot episode.

The big reveal was prefaced by Casey visiting Portland to see his late friends' kids in the previous episode, "The Right Thing," but he discovered while there that the teens had been living by themselves and not with their aunt as he previously thought, putting them at risk of going into care separately. Casey then shared he wanted to have them move to Chicago with him, but found out that wasn't possible, so decided to move there for three years.

But now we know Casey's exit story, what about Spencer's? Here's why the actor really called it quits on his major TV gig...

Will Jesse Spencer return to Chicago Fire?

Jesse Spencer opened up about his "Chicago Fire" departure during a round table chat about his exit, where he admitted that it was "hard" to leave as he shared what he really thought of his exit storyline. "I think it was pretty organic that he's leaving and he's going for three years, but is he? We don't know. It's been a long time coming when you know how these compadres have gone through life and death together," he said (via Deadline). "It was bittersweet but I really enjoyed it."

As for why he decided he'd had enough of putting out fires, Spencer explained, "This was a difficult decision because I have loved the show from the start but there are other things that I would like to do in the future, and there's some family that I need to take care of and 18 years is a long time" (via People). He then added that he "was marking off these milestones and looking to the future" and just knew "it was time" to go.

But it sounds like the door is very much open for a return. Showrunner Derek Haas admitted that Matthew Casey's romance with Kara Kilmer's character, Sylvia Britt, will continue on long distance, potentially meaning Spencer could return for a cameo or two. "This is a three-year commitment that Casey's making but hopefully we'll see him before those three years are done," Haas said.

Cross those fingers, TV fans!