The Truth About The Traumatic Accident Alexa PenaVega's Two-Year-Old Son Just Suffered

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega's relationship is straight out of a Hallmark movie — and coincidentally, the couple actually starred in multiple Hallmark Channel movies, including "Love at Sea" and "Enchanted Christmas." The lovebirds met at a Bible study in late 2012 (per E! News) and got married two years later (via People), before welcoming their first child, a son named Ocean in 2016. They have since had two more kids, Kingston and Rio.

But, despite Alexa and Carlos' seemingly picture-perfect marriage, their life isn't always blissful. On October 19, the "Spy Kids" actor revealed that Kingston lost his finger in an accident. As she explained on her Instagram Story (via Page Six), "While getting the kids ready for bed, I shut Kingston's fingers in the hinge of the bathroom door. His first finger is bruised and a little bloody, but his middle finger took the brunt of it and was severed from the first knuckle near the tip."

The star said it was "the most traumatic thing we've had go through as a family" and the "mom guilt and the shame was really hard to get through." However, in a separate post, she said that even though they were not able to save a the top piece of his finger, Kingston was "handling his injury like a champ." Unfortunately, on top of feeling self-induced mom guilt, Alexa also had to deal with trolls who shamed her over what happened.

Alexa PenaVega did not hurt her son in a 'fit of rage'

A few days after the incident, Alexa PenaVega shared a video message via Instagram to clap back at mom-shamers who accused her of slamming the door on her son's fingers. "Social media can be really frustrating. But after seeing the comments about people questioning my parenting and assuming I slammed a door in a fit of rage ... absolutely not," she clarified. "I simply closed the door. That is literally what happened."

In the clip, Alexa also revealed what really happened by showcasing her family's bathroom door and reenacting the incident. "This is the door. He was in the bathroom. I didn't see his fingers in the hinge, so I just closed it," she explained. "It sucks so much, but it was that simple."

The star's husband, Carlos PenaVega, supported his wife in the comments, writing, "Love u! Your an amazing momma — things happen!!" He also thanked fans for all their prayers and well-wishes in his own video, saying, "We're not bad parents. Things happen. It was an accident." In the same upload, Alexa said they are just grateful it wasn't their other son, 5-year-old Ocean, who accidentally hurt his younger brother because it would have made him feel very bad. Despite the trauma, the former Big Time Rush singer said the experience has brought them closer as a family.