Is 90 Day Fiance's Julia Trubkin Starting A New Career?

When "90 Day Fiancé" fans met Brandon Gibbs, 27, and Julia Trubkin, 26, on Season 7 of the franchise, the phrase "opposites attract" seemed to be a fitting title for the two of them. Growing up in rural Virginia, Brandon's parents saw him taking over the family farm with his leading lady in life — that is, until Brandon met Julia.

Julia, on the other hand, sees life with rainbow-colored lenses. Always down to have a good time and dance like no one's watching, Julia was more suited for city living. So, when Julia flew from her home country of Russia to live with Brandon in rural Virginia, these two had to find a way to work around their dissimilar lifestyles. 

As Julia tried to settle in to life on the family farm with Brandon, she could not help but miss her old outgoing, social lifestyle. In an attempt to bring some of her extroverted ways to the States, Julia began to apply for different jobs outside of the farm. During the season, Julia applied to be a dance teacher, and now she's sparking rumors she could be starting a new (and similarly outgoing) career.

Julia Trubkin is trying out stand-up comedy

Julia Trubkin of "90 Day Fiancé" is leaving the farm and heading to the comedy club! On November 7, the Russian native took to Instagram to announce she had performed her first stand-up comedy show in Richmond, Virginia. "My first stand-up performance. I'm honestly proud of myself," she captioned the post. "Great compliment for me... people laughed, and I felt good doing it," she said before noting she wrote all the jokes herself — and in English.

Cheering her on the whole time was her husband, Brandon Gibbs, who wrote Julia a sweet note on Instagram, saying she did great for her first time. And it wasn't just Brandon who showed his support, as "90 Day" fans immediately encouraged Julia's new venture, including one fan who commented, "I'm SO GLAD you're doing stand-up because you had me and my fiancé CRACKING UP on 90 day."

While Julia thanked Brandon for always supporting her in her "silly" ideas, as she called it, and commenting back to her fans, she did let everyone know she plans to do another stand-up performance in the future. While Julia didn't reveal whether the performance would be airing on TV, here's hoping it will be on the next season of "90 Day Fiancé."