What We Know About Simon Baker's Split From His Girlfriend After Leaving His Wife Of 29 Years

"Mentalist" star Simon Baker is one of Australia's best-known actors. For 29 years, he was happily married to Rebecca Riggs. The couple raised three children before calling it quits in January. According to the Daily Mail, they had actually gone their separate ways in April 2020, nine months prior. The former couple released a joint statement to People, saying, "We remain close friends and our three children will always be the most important focus of our lives."

In December 2019, five months before they split, Baker got candid about his marriage to Riggs. "Any relationship is not without many, many challenges. You never get to a place where you say, oh, this is good, now it's easy," he explained to Wow Watchers. "Because soon as you are there, it is like termites you know, soon as you look at the foundations, things start to collapse again." Baker cautioned, "I don't want to be held as a sort of yardstick at all as the successful married guy, as there is always pressure on a relationship. Because of that kind of pressure, every relationship is challenging and difficult, and no one is everything to another person." With what we know now, it seems that Baker may have been hinting that his marriage was on the rocks. 

Two months after the announcement, the Daily Mail published pics of Baker and his new girlfriend, fashion designer Laura May Gibbs. Now it seems as if Baker and Gibbs are also over.

Simon Baker and Laura May Gibbs called it quits

Simon Baker and Laura May Gibbs have reportedly ended their relationship. At the time of their fling, Baker was 52 years old and Gibbs was 36. People reported that their relationship failed shortly after she attended an anti-COVID-19 vaccine event months ago. However, the news didn't break until November 10. The founder of luxe brand Nagnata has been vocal about her vaccination views and even posted a video on Instagram of a vaccination protest rally on November 7. People learned that the couple had "quietly parted ways" and became the latest celeb couple to split in 2021.

In May, Woman's Day Australia revealed that "The Guardian" actor had fallen hard and fast for the fashion designer. Apparently, Baker was even considering a second family with Gibbs because, at the time, they were so in love with each other. A source told the outlet, "Laura has all but moved in," indicating that they were serious about each other. "He's absolutely smitten — head over heels in love." But it seems as if this wasn't their time to bloom; as Baker told Wow Watchers, "You are together because you want to be together, now. We will see what it's like tomorrow."