Lisa Rinna Shares New Heartbreaking Update On Her Mother

While Lisa Rinna is someone who can certainly hold her own when it comes to the on-screen drama on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" or in character as Billie Reed on "Days of Our Lives," off-screen, she's dealing with some emotions that have become all too real for her. That's because the reality star's beloved mother, Lois Rinna, suffered a stroke and is "transitioning," according to People

Lisa has made it no secret that her mother Lois has been her rock throughout her years, and this isn't the first time that Lois has dealt with a health setback. In 2019, Lisa praised her mother for the way she's managed to live her life to the fullest — with dance routines and all — after her 2013 stroke, per Bravo. She even wrote on her Twitter account, "My Mom had a devastating stroke 6 years ago and had to learn how to walk and talk again months of rehabilitation she is one of the lucky ones. She is not the same as she once was but she has overcome so much. We are blessed and so grateful."

These comments and the love that she has for her mother make Lisa's most recent update about her mother even more heartbreaking.

Lisa Rinna is celebrating her mother's highlights in life

Lisa Rinna shared a throwback Instagram clip of her mother doing what she does best, and that's dancing in her kitchen. In her Instagram Story, a tearful Lisa shared her pain of knowing that her mother is "transitioning" with her fans and followers. 

"Nobody tells you how to do this. You know, there's not a handbook, there's never a way to be ready to let go and when you need to watch it. I mean we're blessed to be able to be here and be with her," Lisa tearfully reflected. "You know, we're just not taught that death is okay and that we're just never — it's never talked about and we're never told that it's ok to let go. I mean, it's like a crash course all of a sudden when one of your loved ones is in this position, especially when it's your mom or your dad, and I have such empathy for everyone who's gone through this."

While there's no doubt that Lisa is being comforted and supported by her family and loved ones at this time, it's good to know that she's chosen to celebrate her mother's life with the kind of highlights reel that everyone loves to see online.